The Perfect Design Price

The Perfect Design Price

Your designs are original, your t-shirt Shop keeps would-be shoppers engaged and interested, and yet for some reason your cash register hasn’t been chinging the way it used to. Perhaps your design price is too high? Or maybe it’s too low and you’re not generating the revenue you once did.  Take a read through our design price tutorial after the jump to find the sweet spot that keeps the register ringing.

The Perfect Design Award

You decide what you want to earn – and your customers decide how much they’re willing to pay- but high prices do not automatically mean that your total revenue goes through the roof.

An analysis of all styles sold in our Marketplace provided the following information:

  • Almost half of all designs sold cost between $2.00 and $3.99
  • Designs priced in the $4.00 to $5.99 bracket account for 33% of sales
  • The $0 to $1.99 bracket accounts for 11% of sales
  • Designs with prices in the range of $6.00 to $9.99 sell much less frequently (6%)
  • Designs priced at $10 and above are only purchased by a meager 1% of customers

So which design price is best? Well, that depends on the nature of the products you sell. Product price and design price should be in an appropriate ratio. For example, if you sell smaller items like accessories, the design price should be lower than in a shop which specializes in t-shirts and hoodies.

The time, effort and intricacy of your designs must also be considered when determining price. A simple typography design should probably be priced on the lower end of the spectrum as compared to tedious, detailed artwork, which deserves a higher ticket price.


When it comes to new products, we recommend an average design price of $2 – 3. Once you know how high the demand, you can adjust the design price accordingly for the best sales. When you introduce new products, we recommend an average design price of $2 to $3. It’s important to define rounded design prices that either end in .00 or .50 in order to ensure recognizable end prices ending in .99 or .49 (e.g. $18.99 or $17.49).

Give it a go! With only a few tests of these design price changes, you’ll quickly be able to see where, when and how you can make a difference to your bottom line. Once you’ve determined what works best for your designs and products, you can continue to tweak product and design price for maximum profit.

What have you noticed when it comes to design price? Have you tried these or similar adjustments to see how your bottom line is affected? We’d love to hear your observations in the comments.

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    • Then you should publish your product. Can you send me your userID so I can have a look at what point in the journey you are having problems with?


  1. Those statistics are meaningless unless we know the percentage of designs available that are in those price ranges.
    For example, if designs in the $0-1.99 range account for 5% of those available and they produce for 11% of sales but designs in the $2-3.99 account for 70% of those available but only produce 50% of sales lower priced designs should be more profitable.
    But if $0-3.99 designs account for 15% of those available and $2-3.99 designs account for 35% of those available the latter would be more profitable.

    • Hi Sidecar Bob,

      The relative data will be added in the next week.
      Thanks for your patience.


  2. Very informative, I try to set my commission price near a lower price. My strategy to selling T-Shirt is seeing it as a serious part-time hobby and making sells off commission is just icing on the cake.

  3. GREAT Information! I am testing it with a few of my items. I was near the top of the commission rates and hope by lowering my design prices, sales will increase. Will try to update in a few weeks.


    • Hi Jay,

      Glad to see that you like the article. We are always open for suggestions for topics that you’d like to have some more information about 🙂

      Have a nice week-end,

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