My Designs: SpreadShop, Marketplace or Both?


So you’ve just opened your very own SpreadShop—or you’re about to.  You’ve got the designs, the niche and the talent, but you’re not quite sure how to increase awareness. It’s time for you to discover Spreadshirt’s Marketplace and find out how to double your sales chances!

More and more Shop owners are beginning to spread the love by utilizing the Spreadshirt Marketplace as a supplementary means of selling their designs. Doing so gets them even more coverage and exposes their work to the hundreds of thousands of daily Marketplace visitors.  But the question remains: where do I sell my designs and products— My SpreadShop, the Marketplace or both?  Let’s explore…


Last month, the number of Marketplace sales almost doubled the number of sales made in SpreadShops. That said, why wouldn’t you want to increase your sales by publishing your designs in different areas?  As they say: the more lines you have in the water, the more likely you are to catch a fish.

Your SpreadShop, however, should be your first choice when…

  • Building and maintaining awareness for your brand, designs and products is at the heart of your objectives
  • You have the patience, the time and the training to curate traffic through word of mouth and search engine optimization
  • You run social media channels in conjunction with promos and deals to regularly increase your coverage, sales and traffic
  • You want to control which products your designs are printed on (on the Marketplace, your designs can  be placed on all types of products)


The Marketplace is the perfect choice for you if…

  • You have only a small fan base and you want a larger audience
  • You have little time, motivation or training to run social media and search engine marketing campaigns
  • You are offering very theme or subject-specific styles for which there would be little to no competition on the Marketplace
  • Focusing on your brand isn’t of the utmost importance to you


Getting your designs from your SpreadShop to the Marketplace is simple: Log into your Spreadshirt account and click on “Designs & products” then select “My designs”. Now you can choose the design(s) you want to “Publish on the Marketplace”.

You always have the ability to determine exactly where your designs are sold, so try selling them in your SpreadShop only, then the Marketplace only, then a combination of the two.  Keep a close eye on your numbers for each area, track your sales and determine which sales mix works best for your bottom line.

What kinds of sales trends have you noticed with publication on the Marketplace, your SpreadShop or both? And how do you create a bigger buzz for your biz? We’d love to hear about your observations in the comments.


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  1. Dear Spreadshirt. It seems that it is not possible to sell designs on Shop & Market simultaneously… If it is possible, how do we go about doing so?

  2. Hi

    When I created my account I chose to sell on my shop. Now I think the Marketplace suits me more. But I cannot change to Marketplace. I tried to select my design’s sales channel but Marketplace won’t appear in the settings. Please help.

  3. How do we know if our designs are being promoted by Spreadshirt? Is there a way to see how many ppl have viewed our designs and how much time they spent on our designs looking at different products with that design and what probably made them not buy the product?

    • Hello Sukhman,

      you don´t need to pay anything to publish your designs on the marketplace.

      Best regards,

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