These Terms are Tops: Spreadshirt and Google’s Top Search Terms


If you could look into the future and place a bet on an upcoming lottery number, you would, wouldn’t you?  Who wouldn’t?!  Well, if you knew what kinds of designs Spreadshirt buyers would be searching for, you’d hit the drawing board and create a bunch of those designs, wouldn’t you?  Well, it just so happens that every three months we do an analysis of the most popular search terms from both the Spreadshirt Marketplace and Google just for you. After the jump, you’ll find the results from March – May, 2016. Get designing and reap the rewards!

Marketplace SearchTerms


  1. Cool Quotes:
    Whether it’s from your favorite movie or something a historical reference with a funny twist (pizza is the new God), cool quotes are always big on the search term list. [In Pizza We Trust]


  1. Funny:
    Funny designs never leave the top search term list.  As long as there are search terms and t-shirts, ‘funny’ will always be a top seller.  Whether is crude humor like toothpaste poop or a classic like “I’m with stupid”, funny designs never go out of style. [Open Wide | akang kasep]


  1. Vintage:
    Design searchers are always after that worn-in look of yesteryear.  Vintage designs are a great way to help them find that style without having to dig through their grandfather’s closet.  Distressed designs like “Being cheesy ain’t easy” are also very sought after. [Being Cheesy Ain’t Easy | eat]


  1. Hipster:
    You’d be hard-pressed to nail down a definition for ‘hipster,’ so aiming somewhere in the mustache, bicycle, expensive coffee, cats, triangles and Apple product range ought to do the trick. [3D Space Cat T Shirt (Mens) | AndrewBrooks]


  1. Geek:
    Geek is the new chic.  Geek designs are literally FLYING off the Marketplace shelves.  Anything in the sci-fi realm, fan art, etc. sells and sells well. [robot_crush_spreadshirt  | KentZonestar]

Google Search Terms


  1. Beer:
    You may have heard that in heaven there is no beer—that’s why we drink it here!  Whether you come up with something like a deer plus a bear or anything else surrounding the nectar of the Gods, you’re sure to be in good shape. [Funny Gym Shirt – Beer Bear Deer Vintage T-Shirt | colorhouse]


  1. Music:
    Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Everywhere we go there’s a catchy tune getting stuck in our head or a power playlist getting us through our day.  Whether you’re bumping your jams through headphones like these or Bluetooth speakering it through your day, music designs are right in tune. [Items of headphones | namo ]


  1. Redneck:
    ‘Mericaaaaa!  When the back of your neck is a bright shade of crimson, you’ll find that the redneck designs are your cup of moonshine. You can go all hyper-American like eagles, guns and flags or focus on the more traditional like apple pie and baseball. [‘MERICA | AfternoonTee]


  1. Skulls:
    Skull designs have stood the test of time for centuries.  After all, we’ve all got one.  Whether you decide to go a little more artsy like this design or aim for something sugar-skully or anatomically accurate, make no bones about it: skulls sell. [skull and roses tee by sedona rocks | sedonarocks]


10. Offensive:
Let’s face it: a few t-shirt designs out there go hand-in-hand with offending someone.  But hey, someone’s always gonna take offense to something, right?  Staying on the “tastefully offensive” side of the line may suit you better, but hey… [Don’t bullshit me | FunnyMemeShirts]

A big part of succeeding in the t-shirt design business is knowing what your customers are looking for.  Creating your next designs for terms you know people are searching for is a huge step in the right direction.

We’ve done search term analyses many times in the past.  Have you taken heed?  Please tell us in the comments how you have or haven’t fared.



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  1. Hey, thanks for the great round up.
    What printing method would you suggest works best for the one-color distressed design of No. 6 Beer and the multi-colored distressed design of No. 5 Geek?
    Thanks, J.

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