A Brand Apart: The Spreadshirt Collection


When you establish a clothing line that bears your company name, you’re holding a mirror up to yourself.  Its quality, durability, reliability, printability—all of its features will become synonymous with your company name; so ensuring a top-notch product that reflects your company is of the utmost importance.  We’d like to proudly (re)introduce the Spreadshirt Collection: products we are happy to share our name with.

What Makes the Spreadshirt Collection So Special?

The Spreadshirt Collection is not your average clothing line.  What makes it so special, you ask?  Well, we’re glad you did.

The Spreadshirt Collections Features:

  • Fabrics that are optimized for any printing style. No matter what printing style you choose—plot printing with flex, flock or specialty prints or digital direct—you are guaranteed a brilliant print every time.
  • We provide consistent colors across our men’s, women’s and children’s style so that matching across the genders and ages is no problem!
  • We source our materials form only fair and sustainable suppliers.
  • The fabric weight of our Spreadshirt Premium T-Shirt is an ultra-durable 150 gm/m²


There’s More?

The Spreadshirt Collection has been given a brandmark to ensure that it stands apart from your average clothing line.  A contrasting-colored necktape has been sewn into each and every item of the Spreadshirt Collection, as a mark of its quality and distinguishability.


Whether you choose a men’s, women’s or kids’ Premium T-Shirt, Hoodie or Tank Top, you can buy with confidence knowing you’ll be receiving a product you’re sure to be delighted with.  We know we are.

How many Spreadshirt Collection items do you own?  What do you think?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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