New Partner Area: Your Designs are Going International

New Partner Area: Your Designs are Going International

Your designs are about to go international! Moving forward, uploading your designs to Spreadshirt will mean automatic translation and publication to multiple international platforms, giving them the exposure and sales potential they’ve always deserved.

International publishing has been long-requested by Spreadshirt Marketplace designers, and is now a reality.  Here are the details:

  • Designs published on any of the North American/Oceanic (Australia) platforms will be translated and published in the United States, Canada (for both the English and French Canadian platforms) and Australia.
  • Designs published on any of the European platforms will be translated and published in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK.
  • Designs you publish will be examined for international suitability* by Spreadshirt, then made available for sale in all countries of your selling region.
  • The keywords (tags) you choose to describe your design will automatically be translated into the respective languages of the other platforms. For example, an Italian visitor on searching for a horse design in Italian (“cavallo”) will now be able to find a design that was uploaded to the Irish platform and tagged with the English word “horse”.

International publishing comes with the promise for a wider range of exposure and a greater possibility for more sales.  Welcome to international ecommerce!  The best part is, you don’t have to do anything extra to enjoy this benefit. All designs uploaded to the new Partner Area will automatically be published internationally.

Do you have any experience with international publishing? And what other features would you like to see introduced in the future? Please leave a comment below!  

* “international suitability” refers to universal understandability of designs. Designs that are specific to a particular region, i.e. designs that include phrases in a native language, are representative of a local tradition, etc. will not be considered internationally sustainable and will not be published internationally.

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  1. hey, I’m from Pakistan. can anyone here tell me if people from Pakistan are allowed to sell on this platform? or only US, UK, or Canadians are allowed?

  2. Hi, Basically I’m from Pakistan.I want to start online business.I am facing trouble during the process of Registeration on Spreadshirt. I can’t registered on Spreadshirt account. They display an error” Error 405 not allowed” So can somebody tell me that outside of Europe and North america and oceania are not allowed to registered an account on Spreadshirt,.???

  3. Hello lena,

    Can i am register for account spreadshirt US and UK, I want to upload 1 design with the same title, does this violate the TOS of spreadshirt?

    • Hello Fuha,

      you can upload designs with the same title for different accounts (e.g. US and UK).

      Best regards,

    • Hey Sylvester,

      Thanks for your questions. Allover printing is not planned for the next two years. Neither is the print of a own label. Sorry to dissapoint you 🙁

    • Hi Suzanne,

      You can see whether you are using the new partner area here:
      If you can access this dashboard then all of your designs that you publish on our marketplace (i.e. directly on Spreadshirt) will be published to the Australian and Canadian marketplace as well.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Cool. Question: is there going to be a button on my page to allow me to show off my clothing line to people outside of the US or do you guys handle all of that portion?

    • Hi,

      Not sure I understand your question correctly…but if you have published your designs on our American marketplace then your designs will automatically show up on our Australian and Canadian marketplace.

  5. Hi Lena, what I meant is…I have a design in English, and I would like to get it translated, just can’t figure out how to do it…

  6. Brilliant news – Do you know when will this happen and will sellers get any information on which country their buyers are from, as this could help with future designs or marketing.

    Many thanks, keep up the good work

    • Hi,

      This is already in place (if you are using the new partner area). We are also working on a new statistics area (also for the new partner area) in which you will be able to see from which country your customers are buying your designs from.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Not sure what you mean exactly with “how can I get this from the dashboard”? Can you elaborate? Thanks!

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