5 Rocking Reasons to Turn up your Music Merchandising

5 Rocking Reasons to Turn up your Music Merchandising

Your shows keep attracting big crowds, and you keep your followers posted on Facebook and Twitter. The new album’s in the pipeline: so far, so good. When somebody asks for a band T-shirt, you tend to wave it off. Why bother? Here are 5 compelling reasons to give it another thought:

Loyal fans

There’s much more to your music than the sound blaring out of a speaker. It’s an expression of an attitude towards life and what gives a home to powerful feelings. You know that your fans respect you for offering something they can’t get anywhere else,
and that’s ever so much more important in our day and age when everything can be accessed online. You and your music are in touch with your fan base, and this is what makes merchandising really important. People want to take something with them once the final chord has faded away to hold on to the magic moments they experienced. It’s what establishes loyalty to you and your music. Your fans feel closer and they will keep coming back to your gigs and listening to your music.

Free promos

Who ever wears a T-shirt or a hoodie carrying a message will take it out into the streets of the city, showing it to everyone they meet when out and about. It’s because a band T-shirt is a timeless classic people love to wear over and over again. For them, it’s a way of sending a message with the aesthetics of music encapsulated in what they wear. To the outside world, it embodies a token of curiosity that other people want to find out more about. In short, part of the success bands have is down to the cult status of their fan wear.

An extraordinary experience

It doesn’t end with basic logo T-shirts. Far from it! People dress to impress, but they also connect unique memories and regional idiosyncracies with an item of clothing that can find expression by means of tour dates or the date of a special concert. Social networks offer a fantastic opportunity to promote limited editions issued for special events, particularly when they are signed by the artist(s).

Making extra cash

Let’s be honest: music only offers a real windfall for a select few professional musicians. The rest of us need to make ends meet the hard way, turning every penny from touring and saving up cash for recording. It’s nice to see people wearing your music T-shirt, but the revenues of merch sales is initially more appreciated than the indirect merchandise effect. Every time you sell your band T-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags and buttons, etc. you have money going into your account. And if you don’t want to shoulder the risk of stock, print, delivery and service, providers like Spreadshirt offer an easy way to give you what you need: Here you can – risk-free and free of charge – run your own online shop and focus your creative energy on making music.

Professional appearance

You’ll only appear as professional as you look, and the same is true for your fans. Top quality gear is important when it comes to leaving a good impression on your fans – you just don’t want to give them grief with bad merch. If they associate clothing of the highest quality with your music, you can be sure that they will become more attached to your sound as well. It’s important to take this issue seriously. And if you do, the ever so important bond between you as an artist and musician and those falling in love with your music will be built on solid ground. A reputable online shop offering your merchandising will go a long way for you to start establishing a relationship that’s built on trust. Check out the Spreadshirt shop solution to offer your merch, and you’ll get it off the ground in a matter of clicks without any prior IT knowledge. It’s really easy and straightforward, And, best of all: production, delivery and service is taken care of by the company.
Thank you for reading, we hope that we were able to shed light on the importance of merchandising. It’s nice to have it that easy these days with online shops for artists and bands. You’ll fans will love it!

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