Design Contest! Bring the Heat to the Festival.

Design Contest! Bring the Heat to the Festival.

Can your designs make the hearts of music lovers beat faster? Do festival names like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Electric Daisy or Sasquatch! make your hair stand on end like the vibration of a fat bassline? Do you want to win an exclusive Spreadshirt feature and cash prizes of up to $500?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, check out our new design contest and enter today.

Fantastic Prizes

Spreadshirt wants to reward the best festival-themed designs with wads of cash and loads of exposure. This is the perfect stage for aspiring designers to get more exposure for their work and earn some cash in the process. Here’s the prize breakdown for the top-three designs:

  • 1st prize: $500 in cash + massive exposure
  • 2nd prize: $250 in cash
  • 3rd prize: a Spreadshirt voucher worth $50

To the Winer Goes the Spoils

We’ll give the winning design and designer massive exposure across our marketing channels. We’ll launch special newsletters (to both Partners and customers) to feature your design, we’ll create an exclusive tile on our homepage that links straight to your artist page, and we’ll share your work with our community on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

I’m in. What do I do?

If you believe your design will set the festival world on fire, this is what you should do:

  1. Upload and publish your design(s) between June 28th and July 19th*
  2. Add the design tag “festivals2017”
  3. Design voting will take place on our Facebook page between July 24th and July 30th
  4. The winners will be announced on July 31st and featured across our channels for a whole week

* If you are still operating under the old User Area (you signed up with Spreadshirt before October 20th, 2015), add the tag “festivals2017” to your design and add a product with that design to the Marketplace

 Important things to consider

Tagging your design with festivals2017 is you enter it into the contest, so don’t forget to add it. And of course, further tags like ‘festival’, ‘music’, etc. that describe your design and help people find it always help too.

Be careful to not use official festival or band names. These are copyrighted wordmarks and cannot not be accepted as contest entries (nor for sale in general).

Check out the Festival Design Content Landing Page for all the info, and get started on your entries!

By participating in the contest, I agree to the conditions of participation and general terms and conditions. More info.

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