External Marketplaces for Spreadshirt Designers

External Marketplaces for Spreadshirt Designers

Reach out to a wider audience, increase your number of sales point, and improve your chances of selling. External marketplaces (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc.) provide you with great potential for online exposure. Find out how to get your Marketplace designs and products into shape for external marketplaces – here’s how…

Which external marketplaces can you sell on?

To give more exposure to your products, Spreadshirt sells designs on the following Marketplaces:

Amazon in the UK, USA, France & Germany
eBay in the United States & Germany
Rakuten and Sears in the US
Cdiscount in France

Spreadshirt has tens of thousands of products for sale on any of the Amazon domains, alone.

How do I get my designs on an external Marketplaces?

Designers can’t directly sell their designs on external marketplaces via Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt has an External Marketplaces team to take care of that. It selects designs based on the following criteria:

• Design is on sale on the Spreadshirt Marketplace
• Design is selling well on the Spreadshirt Marketplace
• The design theme is in high demand
• Currently trending topic
• High-quality style or message

We choose products form the User Area that Partners have created with their designs. The products we choose are regularly updated in order to refresh and replace those that are no longer selling as well.
Sometimes we have to adapt the selling price of the products offered on the external markets in order to remain competitive, but – don’t worry – you will always get the design price that you have set.

How do I increase my chances of selling a design on external marketplaces?

Spreadshirt’s customers often browse the Marketplace to see what’s on the market, whereas people shopping on external marketplaces tend to look for particular products in a more targeted manner. That’s why Spreadshirt offers a limited selection of suitable products on external marketplaces that meet the following criteria:

• Designs must be ‘elaborate’. We won’t choose clip art or customizable designs (customization not possible on external Marketplaces).
• Designs must provide an accurate and detailed description, as well as relevant keywords to help us find your design more easily.
• Topics, opportunities, trends – think about what might appeal to customers.

You’ll find quarterly updates on the Spradshirt blog on trending keywords customers used on Google and our in Marketplace. Take these as a source of inspiration for your next designs. Also, check out Spreadshirt’s Amazon page to get a better idea of ​​what sells well.

How do I know if my design is on sale in an external marketplace?

If one of your designs has been chosen for sale on an external marketplace, you won’t receive an extra notification, and external marketplace sales aren’t explicitly shown in your sales statistics. But if you download the Spreadshirt Partner app, you’ll be able to see the exact point of sale for your designs with external marketplaces included.

Do you have any questions or need more info? Please drop us a line in the comments, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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  1. The template for Amazon is kinda different then spreadshirt (who has no template). How can you make sure that the designs you up load to spredshirt are exactly the same as the ones that you upload to Amazon?

    • Hi Marquise,

      We crop the unnecessary transparencies automatically. When you upload a design in the partner area we and we detect to much transparency around the design it gets marked with “action required”. You can then choose to continue with the cropped design or the original one you uploaded.


  2. Dear,

    Could any of my designs on be a candidate for selling via external marketplaces like Amazon if i would make the designs non-customizable and digital print only instead of flexprint ?

    If yes, which designs could be possible candidates ?

    GBIGBO zjebeezjeboo

    • This is not how it works unfortunately. We only offer best-sellers on Amazon. So the better you sell on the marketplace, the more likely your designs will be chosen for Amazon.

    • it’s all about marketing , market better , sell better , increase your sells better .. even your design is not looking better

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