New Partner Area: A list of all available Products

Many Spreadshirt Partners using the new Partner Area have been peppering us with questions about the products in each product group and category. Check out this blog post to get all the info.

Product Groups and Categories

If you use the new Partner Area, product groups and categories have been developed to simplify product creation. Instead of creating every product one by one individually, you can create multiple products in just a few clicks.

Since early 2017, you can choose besides product groups (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, etc.) also product categories (“fashion”, “best-seller”, “organic” and “sports”) to easily create products. This helps you refine your selection faster.

The products behind each product group and category

Not every product that is part of the product range on the Spreadshirt website is available in the groups and categories as we’ve focused on the best-sellers only.

The following list shows all products in the respective product groups and categories:


Men’s T-Shirts 650

Men’s V-Neck T-Shirts: 686

Men’s Tank tops: 916, 98

Men’s Longsleeves

Men’s Hoodies

Men’s Sweatshirts: 512

Men’s Jackets: 198, 1048, 669


Women’s T-Shirts

Women’s V-Neck T-Shirts: 1038, 348

Women’s Tank tops: 917, 469, 746, 752

Women’s Longsleeves: 876, 345, 681, 951, 1132

Women’s Hoodies

Women’s Sweatshirts: 681, 512

Women’s Jackets: 1048, 669


Kids’ T-Shirts: 815, 814, 48

Kids’ Longsleeves: 878, 486

Kids’ Hoodies: 499


Babies’ T-Shirts: 401, 375


Mugs: 31, 268, 949


Fashion: 842, 775, 1158

Sports: 636

Eco: 378

Caps: 803, 129, 1040

Aprons: 1186

Hats: 945, 890

Pillow Cases: 914

iPhone Cases: 1200, 822, 870, 910, 1010, 1017, 1018, 1023, 1042, 1188, 1189, 1199

To Go Drinkware: 757, 733

Buttons: 127, 125

Bandanas: 611

Mouse Pads: 993

Samsung Cases: 948, 1059, 1060, 1145, 1150

A new chapter of product creation will be opened as early as the beginning of 2018! See you soon!

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  1. Hi, I have a similar issue to Rich, above. I would also like to add caps to our shop, and they are not available under accessories. Caps isn’t even an option for me to select the product line. Is there a reason this isn’t an option for me? Thanks.

  2. Wow, what a disappointment once I signed up as a partner. I had created this awesome hoodie for my listeners and now the garment is not available as a ‘best seller’ under the hoodie section.

    This is just a very weird and disappointing system. Will have to look for another partner.

    • Hi Sigrid,

      can you send me a link to the hoodie you are referring to? I think there might be a mistake…


  3. Hello!

    I’ve just signed up to create a shop for our podcast network and one of the things that attracted me to selecting Spreadshirt over the many other printing sites were the choices of caps, hats and leggings it seemed was available apply our designs to (specifically in the store). You can imagine my dismay when I uploaded our first design and couldn’t find those products.

    Is there another way to offer these products in our shop? If not, is this something that could be coming down the line soon?


    • Hi Rich,

      Yes, you are right – the leggings are indeed not part of the product range in the partner area. However, the caps and hats are (under Accessories).


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