Your New Partner Forum Is Live

Your New Partner Forum Is Live

Spreadshirt’s new forum is freshly hatched, all shiny and chrome with the bangs and whistles of a 21st century communication. The brand-new user interface will make it easier to find articles, and you can now engage in forum activity in many different ways. Find out about all the details of how you can delve deeper into the Spreadshirt universe!

Here it is, the new forum for all countries in Europe! As of today – October 24th – you’ll have a new and very handsome user interface at hand. There are heaps of features you’ll find useful and fun. Just use your Spreadshirt access data to log in, and check them out:

  • A LIKE button to show your appreciation for contributions
  • Option to mention users and to receive browser notifications (like in FB)
  • Getting more moderating power when you reach a new trust level
  • Quoting done in a more intelligent way
  • Automatic forum search when posting new threads
  • More control by marking a post as an ‘accepted answer’ in your threads
  • Threads can be tagged and subscribed to
  • You can upload photos
  • Drafts of your posts are saved as you type
  • Edited histories are publicly visible (unless when muted for spam)

Since 80% of the content on the old forum is about old Spreadshirt products, features and functionalities (i.e. the old shop system, old user area), this has been a source of confusion for new Partners (who registered with Spreadshirt after October 20th 2016). The old forum will still be available in a read-only format.

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Knowing that every new launch goes with a few unavoidable hiccups, please use our error report page in case you should spot any bugs.

Spreadshirt’s new era in community management is about to start, and we’re excited to hear your feedback! What’s hot, and what’s not? Please do let us know!

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