How to make typography in Photoshop

How to make typography in Photoshop

Typography designs come out great on T-shirts, hoodies or tote bags when the message is in tune with the typography style. Get inspired with 3 short tutorials, and learn how to get the best out of your typography designs. Your messages will take on a new dimension with typography effects. Learn how to make typography in Photoshop and have fun adding your personal touch!

Making text fit letters

  1. Create a new file and open the text tool. Choose a font, preferably one big enough to incorporate your text later (in our example it’s Arial MT Bold, size 200 pt.).
  2. Enter a letter, e.g. Y.
  3. Right-click the text layer in the layers window and choose “Create a work path”.
  4. Hide the layer containing the letter by clicking on the eye in the layer window. Only the work path you created will remain visible.
  5. Click on this path with the text tool selected. Change the font size. Hit Ctrl + T to open a window with options for characters and styles. In our example, we chose “All Justified” in the paragraph tool and a 5-pt font.
  6. Now type your text.
  7. Hide the working path by pressing Ctrl + H.

Creating a vintage style design

  1. Create a new file and open the text tool. Choose a font (in our example it’s Time New Roman in size 70pt.).
  2. Enter your text, e.g. Vintage.
  3. Right-mouse click the button on the layer containing the text, click on “Blending Options” and then go to the “Stroke” menu. In the dialog box, choose “Outside” in “Position”.
  4. Go to “outer glow” in the same dialog box and choose the “Normal” blending mode.
  5. Close the ” Blending Options” window.
  6. Press the Ctrl key and click the “T” icon on the layer containing the text. Dotted selection lines will appear on your text. In the navigation bar, click on “Select-> Edit-> Contract” and contract by 6 pixels.
  7. Create a new layer and change the color.
  8. Duplicate the layer containing the Vintage text.
  9. Select the upper Vintage layer (name the layers differently) and change the color of the “Outer Glow” option (the same color as the background).
  10. Select the lower Vintage layer and delete the effects (outline and glow) by right clicking on “fx” on the layer and then “Disable layer effects”.
  11. Select the “Move” toolbar, and move the lower layer slightly with the arrows on the keyboard.

Creating a typographical image

  1. Create a new file and import a photo. Crop your photo with the “Crop” tool.
  2. Hide the photo layer and create a new layer. Fill it in black.
  3. Add your text with the text tool. By pressing Ctrl + T you can adjust the size and position of your text. Confirm the changes by pressing Enter.
  4. Use the shift key to select the layers containing your texts and group them (Ctrl + G).
  5. Press the Ctrl key and click the “T” icon on the layer containing the text. Dotted selection lines will appear on your text. Now hide the group.
  6. Create a new layer and press Alt + Del. Unselect by pressing Ctrl + D.
  7. Select the “Paint Bucket” in the tool panel and fill the letters with color.
  8. Take a look at the panel options on the top down tool box on the left and change the “Move Mode” to “Raw Light”. Then press Alt + Ctrl + G.

You can upload your design as a vector graphics file or pixel graphics. For the latter, consider the following pointers to make it fit for print with Spreadshirt:

  • PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file format
  • Maximum file size 10MB
  • Image resolution at least 200 dpi
  • Maximum size 4,000 x 4,000 pixels
  • Design should be isolated

Text effects help you to easily create unique designs for T-shirts, accessories and other clothing. Spreadshirt is an international platform that allows you to sell your designs, so use your typography designs to place them on the Marketplace and to open a Shop. The service is completely free!

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