How to Create Custom Merch that Fans Really Want

How to Create Custom Merch that Fans Really Want

Make more money from your YouTube channel by selling custom merchandise. Find out how to design merchandise people will actually want to buy. We’ve put together 4 useful tips on how to design custom merchandise your fans will love.

Some of Spreadshirt’s Partners are already popular on YouTube, some are about to break. And if you’re in anyway close to some kind of online fame, selling merchandise offers YouTubers some big potential for an extra income. Musicians, celebrities and other artists do it as well – so why shouldn’t you tap this source to earn some extra cash? Here’s how!

You may already have a Shop on Spreadshirt. Maybe you have even tried selling your own merchandise. And perhaps you didn’t find it as easy as you hoped it would be. That’s why we’ve compiled sound advice for those wanting to hit it on great with their fans – and monetize!

4 Ways to Create Custom Merchandise Your Fans Will Love

1. Do your homework – who are your real fans?

Let’s say you run a butcher’s shop in your street, but everyone who lives there is a vegetarian. Quite obviously, you won’t sell a lot of meat. To create custom merchandise, it’s vital to know what kind of people your fans exactly are before you can cater to their needs. Gather all the information you can! Check out their profiles, ask them about details (age, likes, background) and what other channels they have subscribed to. Read your followers’ comments carefully – this is your best source. They will have passed comment about the things they really liked, or maybe quoted you and liked something you said. This could be the birth of a slogan t-shirt!

2. Merchandise for YouTubers – turn your channel into a brand

Even if you’ve just started your own YouTube channel, there are a number of things you should deal with straight away. Create merchandise for youtubers with your own logo, choose your brand colors, and be sure to have your Shop and merch products in line with these colors. Of course, just selling the logo will not really work as long as you’ve not gained a certain degree of popularity. It’s absolutely necessary to create merch displaying a creative design or really good slogan, particularly in the beginning.

3. Tune Your Radar into Trends

Keep your ears tuned to the latest design trends so that your merchandise designs have an appeal that will make people want to buy them. Have an eye out for the best-selling designs on the Marketplace, and fit out your Shop with trendy products in line with your color scheme. And if you’re don’t really have a hand for designing yourself, you could consider hiring a designer – or even better – make use of Spreadshirt’s free design service.

4. Promote your design merchandise – but don’t overdo it

Maybe some of your fans have already asked you for a t-shirt, but most of your followers need to warm up to your merch first. Spread the word gently, meaning: don’t blow your own trumpet too hard. Whenever you share something fun on social media, you could just add a link to your Shop or a certain product. Also, you can do raffles on social media as a means of promotion. Wear your merch in your videos, and team up with other YouTubers to wear each-other’s design merchandise as a means of cross-promotion. And don’t forget to add your shop to your YouTube channel!

Sell Custom Merchandise

Here for a few ideas of what kind of merch tends to do well:

  • Inside joke or phrase that you and your followers know
  • Funny snapshot from a livestream
  • Timeline with the growing number of likes
  • If your YouTube channel would be a drawing – what would be on it? ?

Found this info useful? We’d be happy to get your feedback, and tell us about your own experience with designing custom merchandise!

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