New Shop Homepage: Share Your Ideas

New Shop Homepage: Share Your Ideas

Your Shop will soon have a new feature: a customizable homepage that you’ll use to welcome customers in a more personal way. As we develop your Shop’s new homepage, we want to gather your ideas to help us design its look, feel, and features.  Please share your ideas and provide your feedback in the comments section so we can cater this new feature to your wants and needs.

We want to give you the power to customize the new homepage feature to make your Shop’s first impression a good one! Show your customers what makes your products and designs unique, and welcome them into your Shop with style. With the new homepage, you’ll be able to customize much more than just your products, header and footer.

Make a Wish

We want to hear your wishes and ideas for your Shop’s new homepage. Do you want a rotating teaser carousel? A billboard header with text? The ability to change fonts? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll gather your ideas into a poll. In about two weeks’ time, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on the best suggestions.

Think of a good way to take your customers by the hand and lead them to your products and designs. What kind of content would you like to showcase on your homepage? Keep in mind: if you offer valuable content, you not only improve your customers’ landing experience and increase the potential for sales, you also send positive signals to Google, improving your Shop’s search ranking.

So tell us, what do you want your Shop homepage to look like? What do you need it to include? And what do you really, really want in terms of features? Please leave your ideas and feedback in a comment below and we’ll collect them for voting.

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    • Hi Winston,

      This will not happen any time in the near future. As a shop owner you don’t only benefit from the design price but also from the affiliate commission and the volume ommmission. Plus, we have been testing free shipping above 40$ and might also implement this soon (currently analyzing the data we received from the test).

      Having quantity discounts in your spreadshop would also mean the reduction of your commission. Technically this is complex and from a business point of view an implementation at his point in time does not make much sense.
      Thanks for your understanding,


  1. This new update is cool and everything but I think something that you guys are missing is having the option to only sell a certain shirt in certain color! This can be done with CSS but there should be an option to make it easier for everybody. There are certain designs to only look good in certain colors people who don’t have any knowledge about color theory would buy a T-shirt and return it because it doesn’t look good. I know this is not the place to talk about this because you want to talk about the homepage but let’s actually talk about the real things that real shop owners need. It will be such a great honor if you take this to your IT department and they can figure out something.

  2. I am very happy with my order, it was exactly what I wanted! 🙂 the quality was very good and I received it very fast. Definitely going to order more again.
    although mine was a little spendy cause it was pretty custom, it would be nice if prices could be a little lower because I would like to order many more of them, but the cost is just too high, ( i want to print on several areas on the item). Besides that, very happy and highly recommend.
    The design part of the website was pretty easy to use, even just on my smartphone.
    I also agree with the comment about more fonts available to use, that would be awesome.

    • Thanks for your feedback Taylor. We will offer a customizable Shop Homepage in the next couple of months so exciting times are coming 🙂

  3. Hi SpreadShirt Team,

    I have an idea.

    It would awesome to have a category menu to categorize products and designs differently for e.g Holidays collection menu and T-Shirts only menu.

  4. Would be nice to be able to rearrange what order products come up on the shop ie. sort by price, sort by style. Rather than just men’s women’s and accessories. On mobile the price doesn’t show on the main page of a design so if a customer clicks on the first shirt they see and its one of the most expensive shirt styles it may scare them away from making a purchase

    • Nice idea. That would be awesome if when we press the last button for creating a product, this product would automatically appear on our twitter,facebook,pinterest and instagram

  5. also, when you buy stuff on amazon, there is an option to share what you just bought via facebook or twitter, i like that. big (maybe even animated) “share” buttons should be under each item

  6. Be nice to be able to group designs together then on the Homepage/Landing page have the groups listed to narrow down the customers selection rather than having to scroll through all designs or setting up multiple shops

  7. I would like to have a more specific control over what is displayed on the start page. Right now, I can only add shirts…and even then it doesn’t seem like I have full control over the shirts that are displayed unless I limit the # of shirts/design displayed (I would like this in general across all pages). I like the ideas about customer reviews and a product merry go round. Maybe also a way to have your social media posts relative to your shirt designs or maybe to have a small blog or news feed added to keep your customers updated.
    Are these the type of ideas your seeking?

  8. to gain more customers trust, you can add 3 youtube videos of how the t shirt is being made and packaged, maybe some reviews of your company or customers reviews of t shirts and stuff

  9. as an addition to my comment: that’d be nice to add such things as animated sparkles to my item on the landing page, maybe some Chrismas animations (small deers,santas,snowflakes falling right on the landing page) Animated Wallpapers

  10. A control panel page that is linked to everything I am connected to in one place.
    anything I want to access “PREVIEW” Link ‘Bam’ right there, in one place.
    crazy site navigation you here… lol

    I am digging the site so far. but this would be helpful, keep getting lost trying to find certain pages.

    • Hi Erik,

      Not really sure what you mean…? We are only talking about the future homepage of the shop (the page your customers would potentially see before the list page).

  11. The front page says buy in bulk save up to 70%, you can add these words right under checkout button. All of that information should be visible to a buyer. Let’s see, customer added an item to a cart, and right after that a pop up window shows up that offers to order more same items, and also shows the amount of cash this customer would save, customer would click “add more” or “refuse this offer”.
    I think this is worth doing, sales might go up.

    • Hi Valdimir,

      I think you are confusing two things here. We are talking about the startpage/landing page/homepage (whatever you want to call it ? – the first page your customers will see when they land on a SpreadShop – so the page that would come before the list page). Also, there is no bulk discount in the shops. So the feature you are talking about wouldn’t apply.
      Do you have specific ideas for the startpage of the SpreadShop?

    • I see. I thought you are making a new shopping web site for every designer. Landing pages all look the same to me. As usual there must be a timer going (hurry up, sale ends on such a day or in 24 hours/minutes (even if it’s not true)), there should be just 1 item (t-shirt for example) displayed on this landing page, the photo/image of the item should be big enough (almost half of the page). I’d like to control what item is on my landing page (sometime I see you offer free shipping starting on some day and end on the other particular day) and I’d like these kinds of promotions apper on my landing page automatically)

    • I agree, I only ordered one item as a test to see if I liked it, and would like to order several designs and multiples of each, but the total cost was just too high. A better discount on say, 5, 10, or 20 of one design would be an incentive for people to order more, and a display with the savings would be helpful.

    • We won’t be offering volume discounts any time soon but we will offer free shipping above a certain threshold soon. We will be starting test to see what that threshold should be.

  12. The ability to change fonts using any font of our choice from google fonts (which can be found by going to fonts dot google dot com)

    • Hi MJD, we are currently only looking for ideas for the landing page/startpage/homepage (whatever you want to call it 🙂 – the first page your customers will see when they land on your shop. I guess the fonts would be some general feature, right? Do you have specific ideas for the startpage?

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