5 Offline Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Designs

5 Offline Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Designs

Let’s face it, we’re completely consumed by the internet. Digital marketing is in full-force and it’s exhausting to keep up with the trends. Algorithms are changing, machines are learning, and micro-moments are somehow becoming even more micro. You’re expected to anticipate new trends, so you can strike when the iron’s hot.

Meanwhile, many successful offline marketing tactics are overlooked. Digital marketing hasn’t always been around, so, what are the best offline marketing strategies that can still be used to promote your designs?

1. The Subtle Business Card Drop

Yes, it’s old-school, but giving out business cards is a proven marketing approach that’s brought undeniable success to many businesses. Dole them out like crazy so relevant information is easily accessible and in front of as many people as possible. Remember, you don’t have to only give business cards to people you’re networking with. Leave them in a spot where potential customers could be. Try pinning your card to a bulletin board, leave them on a table or a chair, even try slipping a card between magazine pages. It might seem strange tossing out business cards left and right, but you never know who could come across your card next!

2. Attend Networking Events

Networking events are held specifically for cultivating business growth and awareness. Anyone that attends a networking event is there for the same reasons you are. People will be willing to connect and collaborate, so you can only benefit from attending. Try to resist from making conversation that is too sales-centric. Show your personality so potential contacts can put a face to your company name. If you’re new to networking, we’ve shared some helpful tips in our post, Networking for Designers.

3. Giveaway Some Swag

You’re exposed to corporate logos every day without realizing it. Think about the pens and notepads around your office with somebody’s logo standing out, loud and proud. Swag is a subtle but effective way to get your brand identity in front of potential customers. The trick is to give away products that are actually useful. For example, sticky notes are a must-have in any office. One pack of sticky notes branded with information or one of your designs will end up in dozens of different places. Be strategic when you’re purchasing swag. Try and win over some desktop space so your brand never goes unnoticed.

4. Everybody Likes a Discount

Who doesn’t like to save money? Spreadshirt offers monthly discounts for shop owners. Be sure to check the newsletter or promo calendar in your account. Don’t let those promotions go to waste! Give out flyers with a coupon code to lure in those customers. This will bring in a crowd who were unlikely to find your business before! Take advantage of your surroundings and make your brand known.

5. Make a Donation

With the holidays just around the corner, charity events are held everywhere. Now’s the perfect time for your business to make a donation. Whether you’re donating a prize, money or your time, charitable events are a good way to grow brand awareness. There are philanthropic people to network with and your contribution will not be overlooked. It’s a win-win situation when you’re helping others and yourself.

Keep Up the Good Work

If you’re working to grow your brand presence both online and offline, then your business can only get better. Stay consistent with your efforts and remain positive. Keep pushing forward and be the incredible creator that your already are! If you’re doing this, then we guarantee you’ll be seeing results.

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