SEO for YouTube

SEO for YouTube

SEO specialists spend hours learning anything and everything about content rankings on Google, Bing or any other web-based search engine. Google is the obvious winner as far popularity goes. However, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and often overlooked for SEO purposes. Truth is, YouTube provides a whole other realm of opportunities. Now that digital marketing’s made a hard push on video streaming, it’s time to welcome the power of video-based SEO.

Video-based SEO is similar to copy-based SEO in collective way. The more content you produce, the more results you’ll see. We’ve revealed some simple, but helpful tips to boost your channel’s exposure. Join us and experience the power behind SEO for YouTube.

Competitor Analysis with YouTube SEO Software

Every business has competitors, it’s unavoidable. Thankfully, there are free YouTube-based SEO platforms available online. Platforms like TubeBuddy and VidIQ are powerful tools for competitor research. TubeBuddy even reveals tags that are used by other YouTubers and simplifies the SEO process in general. If you haven’t already taken advantage video-based SEO programs, don’t wait any longer to test them out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

YouTube Ranking Factors

If you’re wondering how to rank YouTube videos fast, then you’re in the right place. The first step of any SEO process is to research keywords. This isn’t any different for YouTube. It’s important to research video keywords, even before shooting, because it will help boost your ranking and spark new video ideas as well. Once you have your high-ranking keywords, be sure to use them wisely.

SEO for YouTube

The SEO for YouTube Checklist

Between YouTube optimization and Google optimization, there are so many SEO practices to remember.  It’s easy to miss a step or two in the process which can hurt your channel rankings in the long run. To help avoid this, here is a checklist on SEO for YouTube.

How to Rank YouTube Videos on YouTube

YouTube’s algorithm is designed to rank channels, not individual videos. On the other hand, the algorithm uses videos to rank individual channels. In short, cumulative channel content combined with video-specific data determine your ranking. Ultimately, you’re building an audience for your channel, not your videos.

Video Titles

If your video titles are less than five words, then you’re missing out on so many rank opportunities. Incorporate keywords in the beginning of your title so it’s your video that users see first.

Video Descriptions

SEO doesn’t listen to videos, they read them. Feed the algorithm with powerful keywords and educate search engines about who you are as a shop owner and what you do.

Video Tags

Help Google and YouTube learn about your content by using keywords in tags. While tags aren’t the strongest SEO practice, they will help your videos appear more frequently in the “up next” and “related” sections of YouTube.

Video Filenames

Add keywords into your video filename before you upload. It may not be the most effective tactic, but it never hurts to throw a couple of them in the file name. Algorithms are always changing, so it’s important to add keywords everywhere so there are never any missed opportunities.

Video Playlists

Create a playlist with powerful keywords in the title. Add your new video, your other videos and related videos with a broad reach. Playlists are an important ranking factor because they gather significant keywords and group them in one designated place.

How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

Because Google is such a widespread search engine, video rankings are more limited than they are on YouTube. However, video results are still very common in Google’s standard search results. To get your videos recognized on Google, we’ve made a little cheat sheet for your reference.

Keyword research

It’s important to still research keywords with a generous amount of volume. If you have powerful keywords that are relevant to your brand, then your Google ranking will work its way up the ladder.

Determine Your Goals

What is the purpose of your channel? Whether you’re aiming for informative videos, entertaining videos or promotional videos, be sure to focus your title and description around relevant and common trends like, “how to” or “walkthroughs”.

Share video content

Share and you shall receive. This may seem a bit obvious, but the more you share your videos, the more keyword exposure you will receive. Content is cumulative so the more you can feed the algorithm, the higher your rankings will be.

 Growing your brand through YouTube goes far deeper than just a simple upload. To drive traffic to your shop, the videos you’re sharing need to be found. When your videos pop up on the first page of search results, then those videos will sell themselves.

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