How to Sell on YouTube

How to Sell on YouTube

YouTube is known as a video-based search engine. However, YouTube’s videos are also incorporated into Google’s search results. That being said, posting one simple video offers long-term value across two of the world’s most popular search engines. If you’re a shop owner, consider utilizing YouTube to sell your merchandise and grow your brand presence.

How to Win the Viewers

Uploading a video to YouTube is a lot more complex than just uploading a picture to Instagram or posting something on Facebook. There are certain components to be aware of before a video is published.

  • Title: The title is what reels your audience in. Try composing a title with a cliffhanger so there’s an element of mystery behind your video. Be sure to research trending keywords as well so it’s your video that’s at the top of the search results.
  • Video descriptions: As mentioned before in our blog post, SEO for YouTube, SEO algorithms can’t listen to videos, but they can read them. This is where the importance of video descriptions come into play. Fill your video description with relevant keywords and catchy copy, so YouTube can bump your channel up in search results.
  • YouTube cards: Cards on YouTube do the work for you. They encourage viewers to make the next move by adding a bit of interactivity. Experience the effect of YouTube cards by driving traffic to your shop. You’ll be happy with the results.

How to Edit Fast and Easy

If you’re new to video editing, don’t get discouraged, because it’s easy for anybody to edit videos nowadays. Both the internet and app stores offer a plethora of video editing tools that can polish your content in minutes.

Mobile Software

  • iMovie: iMovie is a solid starting place as far as mobile editing goes. While there are many free apps available, iMovie’s low price of $4.99 is completely worth it considering its endless capabilities. Not to mention, it’s easy to use!
  • Splice: Splice was developed by GoPro Inc., so you know it means business. The platform is filled with effects, transitions, and filters, so every video is as unique as the next. Oh, not to mention, Splice is 100% free without ads!

Online Software

  • YouTube Editor: Ah, old reliable. YouTube itself has an editor for transitions and text. While it’s capabilities are limited, it’s perfect for editing standard videos with ease.
  • Lightworks: Lightworks is an advanced and intuitive video editing tool. It’s even been used to editing some of the top Hollywood films! Lightworks offers both free and pro versions to best fit the needs of its users. For standard YouTube editing, the free version will be more than suitable.

How to Monitor the Performance of Your Videos

Analyzing video growth is vital for any YouTube channel. It’s important to know what’s working and what elements are the cause for success. To properly monitor your channel’s performance, here are some points to pay attention to.

  • Video Views
  • Subscriber Growth
  • Traffic Sources
  • Demographics
  • Retention
  • Video Shares
  • Review Comments

Whether you’re new to YouTube or posting videos every day, it’s important to keep these selling points in mind to optimize the productivity of your channel and to boost your sales.

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