Find out about changes in the Marketplace and the Create Tool

Find out about changes in the Marketplace and the Create Tool

Why is the Marketplace so important? Why is the Create Tool no longer my number one sales channel? Why are designs offered free of charge there now? And in what way do the two areas actually differ?

In recent months, we have received a lot of questions. We have taken your feedback as an opportunity to clarify things and give you a brief outlook for the future. Here we go.

The Marketplace and the Create Tool will become even more independent from each other in the future, but both will continue to shape Spreadshirt’s customer-oriented business. These two divisions have been operating with their own strategy since 2017, with independent teams and support from Spreadshirt. What does that mean in concrete terms?

The Marketplace will remain the main sales channel for Designers. There we offer you a unique platform to present your designs to more than 80,000 visitors daily. The fact that the Marketplace is THE platform for designers is demonstrated by the great number of new registrations last year – a development that has at times presented us with technical challenges. Apart from that, of course, we are happy about this development and we will do everything we can to ensure that you find optimal working conditions on the Marketplace. For example, with our features for Marketplace designers, we help you gain more visibility to stand out from the crowd and increase your sales opportunities. In addition, we will regularly provide you with tips, tricks and inspirations for more sales on the Marketplace. Keep checking the blog and the Partner Area regularly.

We will gradually remove free designs from the Marketplace or offer them at an exactly calculated average price. However, we will continue to create our own designs for trending topics and provide them with the average price. Not to compete with you, but to generate valuable traffic that is responsible for much of your organic sales.

In the Create Tool, only a small portion of the turnover will be generated by Designers in the future. To be competitive, we need to adapt and offer free designs. In the meantime, many platforms, such as CustomInk, Shirtinator, ShirtTuning, UberPrints, etc., offer free designs only and products at dumping prices. This is why we will regularly publish our own designs that take up current trends. However, we have tightened our guidelines and will now pay even more attention to protecting your rights as an artist and author! And we feel just as free to take up general design trends without specific authors as you are. The same applies, of course, to proverbial sayings or slogans that currently circulate in the media.

To put it in a nutshell: The Marketplace is and remains the place where we give the Designers everything they need to ensure that they have as much success as possible. The Create Tool will be appropriate to Designers to a lesser extent in the future. Having said this, it will still offer an additional option to generate turnover for you.

We hope that with this contribution we have created more transparency regarding your sales opportunities and expectations in the different areas.


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