New Guidelines for Design Series

New Guidelines for Design Series

We all want Spreadshirt to remain a place for creative exchange, so we’re making a few adjustments to the criteria for rejecting designs. These will become effective March 22, and initially affect so-called design series, also known as scaled designs.

The Spreadshirt Marketplace connects exciting designers with customers looking for something special. To help these customers find truly unique designs, it is in everybody’s interest to dam the staggering torrent of designs that look all too similar.

In the future, we will reject series of designs in which only individual elements vary. These include, for example, “Vintage since YEAR” with years numbered from 1920 to 2025. Or “5 Star JOB” featuring all professions from accountant to zookeeper. Possible combinations are sheer endless, as are the resulting masses of designs that are uploaded every day.

Demand is no longer in proportion to the high volume of design series uploaded in the last year, the quality of such design series leaves much to be desired.

All designs passing our review after March 22 (even if they have already been uploaded) will also be checked for this criterion. We’ll apply this guideline only to the Marketplace.

We really hope that this measure will promote creativity and give all designers the chance to improve their chances of selling.

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  1. Hello,
    Can I upload variations designs now?
    Do you accept series designs?
    Will wait for your warm reply.

  2. Hello Lena,
    We are still eagerly waiting for the Spreadshirt green signal to upload series designs as we have a good experience with it and we love it so much.
    Can we put our Spreadshirt store link in the description so that the buyer can reach out to our store to explore various series designs related to uploaded one?
    E.g single design 1949 uploaded in the marketplace, with the help of link in description buyer can find more years in our store itself.
    Is it possible?

  3. Hello,
    Its been really long time, there is no update related to scaled design.
    Can we upload scaled designs now?
    Please reply to me.

    • Hi Milan,
      for now we will keep the rules as communicated in this article.
      As soon as we change something in our set of rules we will inform you via newsletter and of course here on our blog.


  4. Hi,

    Is any news on scaled designs? Can we upload them if we keep them out of the marketplace? I have an offsite I use and would like to offer the full range of designs I have and have no issues with keeping them out of the marketplace.

    thanks 🙂

  5. Hello Lena.
    I am still surprised that there is still no any update related to series designs uploading.
    Shall we still wait for update regarding that?
    Its my personal request on behalf of all our uploads community to start series designs upload again asap.
    Will wait for your kind reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Wick,

      Sorry but there are indeed no news I can share. We will keep you updated on our blog when there are news to share.

      Thanks for your understanding!

  6. Hi,
    May i know please when series design upload.
    We are waiting for the next update regarding series design.
    Please let us know.
    Thanks in advance.
    I hope i will answered soon.

    • Hi Somenza,

      Not sure exactly what you mean. Currently design series are not allowed on our platform. We are looking into a technical solution on how to tackle this issue and to still allow design series but such implementation will not happen the next quarter so for now I can not provide you with more information.


  7. I hope this is only temporary way. They are selling tons of series designs on Amazon, Zazzle and other platforms. And I think customers do love these designs so they buy them. Let customers get what they want in their special day!

  8. Lena,

    Does this only affect Marketplace designs? Can creators still upload scaled designs to their Spreadshirt shops, as long as they don’t add the design to the Marketplace?

  9. Hello,
    Feeling little bit strange with the update. I am not saying this is bad decision, but also not good decision as well i must say.
    Series, variations are the base and breath of the designs. How can be designa made without using series factors. Niches must be there in designs.
    Halloween and christmas designs are not ppssible to make without using niches or series.
    These are some factors i must share to avoid flood of designs.
    A)People who are using 1950 to 1990 with all the months that makes 480 designs (approx) to be banned.
    B) Let users upload as many designs as they want, you guys should fix criteria timing of 30-45 days. If not sold then delete automatically.
    C)People who are making frequent spelling mistakes and creating flood to be banned.
    I hope you will consider these points and let us work as before.

    • Hi Jossenna,

      Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. The new guidelines is temporary until we find a technical solution that can handle this issue. I will pass along your ideas and we’ll obviously also keep you updated with any potential change.


  10. This makes me giddy. I sell scaled designs like crazy on Amazon, but I kept them off Spreadshirt because I didn’t want to flood the search. Spreadshirt isn’t the place for it. Know Your Platform. The more you know. Bliiiiiing.

  11. Maybe create a dropbox on an item with the option to choose the other varieties eg, 4th 5th 6th etc Birthdays with the same design so limit the spaces but still have the products. The title will need to include that this shirt comes in “this range”. What do you think?

  12. So Are you going to delete Queen and King are born in (months) this designs sell very well and as Nina said “Customers are shopping for specific occasion years” maybe you want good quality designs so you can delete bad quality not scale designs .. this is bad decision .. sorry but I don’t like this update and you gonna lose more customers who want buy designs like that.


  13. Hi, how will this affect things like birthday and anniversary designs that HAVE to be for a specific year (i.e. 4th birthday, 5th birthday, 10th anniversary, 20th anniversary) ? Customers are shopping for specific occasion years.

  14. Hello!

    I was wondering about the baseball caps. How come they are not offered to design for and sell through our shops? There is a high demand for them…especially from the male customers.

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