Join the Fun, Join the Spreadshirt Forum

Join the Fun, Join the Spreadshirt Forum

Looking to join a community of like-minded individuals? Want guidance on maintaining a Spreadshop? Hoping to get answers on some complex questions? Then look no further than the Spreadshirt forum!

Now, we know what you’re thinking: forums are dated and littered with memes. Well listen here, smarty pants, the Spreadshirt forum provides a venue where Shop Owners can learn, teach, ask questions, and share advice. We understand that the Shop Owner experience can be a bit confusing, but the forum should provide you with all the insight you could possibly need to clear up any issues you may be experiencing.

Why Join the Forum?

We’re not going to sugarcoat it… being a Shop Owner can be difficult. Finding success takes a lot of hard work and effort. Even then, your dedication may not necessarily lead to (immediate) sales. Fortunately, you’re not alone.

As a Shop Owner, you’re probably looking for support and understanding from individuals in a similar situation. Well, you’ll be able to find those individuals hanging out on the Spreadshirt forum. You can exchange any tips, tricks, and hints, and it will also provide an excellent opportunity to learn some of the optimal practices for running a Shop.

What Topics Are Discussed?

While the posts on the Spreadshirt forum can span a wide variety of topics, there are several talking points that are particularly common, including HTML/CSS hacks, design tutorials, and info about printing and color techniques.

You’ll also have exclusive access to new releases, features, and updates, and you’ll receive useful tips on website integration, SEO practices, and marketing techniques. Essentially, the forum will serve as your encyclopedia for all things Spreadshop.

There Are Even Exclusive Events!

If you participate in the Spreadshirt forum, you’ll have access to a list of exclusive opportunities. For instance, on 30.05.2018, we’ll be hosting a Q&A-session with our Spreadshop-Developers. This will allow you to ask our developers about all things Spreadshop, including Shop integration, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, code, and any other tech topic. Save the date!

Meet the Mods

Of course, the Spreadshop forum wouldn’t be all that effective if there weren’t anyone overseeing the conversation and providing guidance through some of the more complex subjects. We currently have five moderators for the forum, and you can learn more about these individuals below:


  • Communication Manager/Spreadshop specialist
  • Your main contact person. She oversees and operates the forum.
  • She’ll listen to your feedback and will pick up on it to push for development prioritization of new features
  • She’s a small Finn with a big heart and handles English, German, and French. She also writes German like Yoda.
  • Jack of all trades, although Marketplace topics occasionally make her head hurt
  • She’s run out of ways to say, “we’re working on it.”


  • Marketing Communications Manager/Marketplace specialist
  • Enjoys discussing Marketplace topics (even if international publishing is confusing)
  • Tends to use too many words
  • Native German, but has mastered US English
  • Loves cats, and she even talks to them
  • Superpower: Transcribing IT-talk to Marketplace Designers


  • Spreadshop Specialist, fabled co-author of the Spreadshirt Success Guide
  • Spreadshop official by day, Shop Owner by night
  • Hustling on the forum since ‘08
  • Keeps an eye on marketing and e-commerce trends
  • Once had something to do with Marketplace… maybe? He can’t remember.
  • Has a cute office dog named Carlo


  • Spreadshirt’s design fairy since ‘11
  • Rocks the Marketplace designs and kabooms your Shop assets
  • Ask her anything about print methods like flex, DD, thermo-sublimation, or poster prints… that’s her turf
  • Owns a 3D printer
  • Is a mother to a dog and a cat
  • Has fallen in love with the Eleventh Doctor


  • Communication Manager/Spreadshop specialist
  • AKA “Lena from Spreadshirt” (you may know her from the newsletters and blog)
  • Oversees all topics that we communicate to you (including the “when’s” and “how’s”)
  • Favorite languages include Denglisch, Franglais, and English (a common Spreadshirt syndrome)
  • She’s French and German
  • She’s heard the phrase “waiting times” so many times it gives her timely goosebumps

Well, there you have it. There are a number of benefits to joining the Spreadshop forum. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved with the community today!

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