Introducing Price Range to the Marketplace

Introducing Price Range to the Marketplace

While your customers are surely enticed by high-quality products and eye-catching designs, they’re also motivated by prices. We’re now allowing customers the ability to filter and sort through inexpensive products with our new price range.

The prices of your designs will now be completely transparent on the Spreadshirt Marketplace, as customers will have the ability to sort through three price groupings. This will allow you to better zero in on specific target groups.

These new filters will provide customers with the ability to sort products into three different price tiers. These ranges include both the product price and the design price. The tiers include:

  • Price Tier 1: Products with lowest prices and designs up to $3.50
  • Price Tier 2: Products with higher prices and designs up to $6.00
  • Price Tier 3: Expensive products with all design prices

With a design price of $3.50, you can be assured that your design is displayed in every price category.

These prices will be visible on our list pages, including the design commission. The price range will then be shown when customers choose a particular filter.

Considering this added transparency, you may want to reconsider your approach. While most customers will still opt for their favorite designs, you’ll also want to appeal to those who are seeking the best bargain.

In order to provide our customers with an optimal shopping experience, we’ll continue to make further changes in the future.

What do you think of the new price range? Let us know in the comments below.

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