3 Instagram Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend

3 Instagram Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend

‘Black Friday’ kicks off the Christmas shopping season, with retailers falling over themselves to offer the best deals. Since the advent of online shopping, Black Friday has been followed by Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday, and this long weekend of bargain shopping has become increasingly popular. We have three tips to help you get your Instagram ready for these upcoming spending holidays.

Your target group will be hunting for gifts

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend coincide with the Christmas shopping season. Keep that in mind as you create your Instagram posts; it’s effective to be unconventional with your posts and separate yourself from the crowd. In addition to clothing, the Home & Living category, for example, is a great way to appeal to customers looking for gifts.

Buying gifts is always a hectic experience. The gift-giver usually thinks long and hard about what to give. Keep these emotions in mind when writing your Instagram posts, as you’ll hit the mark if you give your customer fresh ideas. After all, gift-givers are often unsure of what they’re looking for. Inspire them!

Use Cyber Weekend hashtags

 Obviously, this rule applies to any post on Instagram. Be mindful of the themes that define your post and the topics that are currently trending. Hashtags like #blackfriday, #cybermonday, and #cyberweekend are great for Cyber Weekend. Since your target audience is most likely looking for gifts, you should also use hashtags like #giftideas, #presentsforher, or #presentsforhim.

Plan your posts ahead of time

Black Friday and Cyber Weekend last only four days. If you want to make money during this span, you should be prepared and well-organized. Create your Instagram posts for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend – and don’t forget Cyber Monday! Your posts should have an overarching theme or a coordinated structure – this lets you reach followers who may not be drawn in by your initial post.

We recommend that you post to Instagram once our marketplace promotions have gone live, and you can then guide customers straight to your store (it’s also important to remind customers when these promos are ending). Read more about linking to Instagram here.

All Cyber Weekend promotions will be announced in the newsletter and on your dashboard ahead of time.

What do you think of our Cyber Weekend tips? Is there anything else to keep in mind? Leave us a comment!

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