Thank You!

Thank You!

2018 was a great year for Spreadshirt, so we want to thank YOU, the designer. You’re the heart and soul of our business, and we wouldn’t be as successful without you. Just to review some of the major benchmarks we met this year:

  • 4.5 million designs were published
  • 24 294 new designers were registered

We’d also like to highlight our active participants in our monthly Design Contests. Thanks for your creative and unique entries!

We’d also like to thank all of you for your continuous feedback and ideas in both the forum and blog. With that said, we have one final question for you:

What Spreadshirt wish do you have for 2019?

Let us know in the comments below… and have an excellent New Years!

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  1. We thank all the management of the company and everyone who contributed to the construction of this company.
    Every year of progress for the best and a new year is a rise to universality.

  2. I would like to have better control over how my designs are set and laid on items. In addition to I wish we had more options for discounts to offer to our consumers. Some of the discounts aren’t as big of a deal. For example I would have liked to hve been able to offer like a BOGO 50%off or something similar for Black Friday.

  3. I never received any feedback from my comments I left previously. I would like to have more control over how many designs I can place on a shirt. I would like to be able to put more than 1 picture on the products. Also, I would like to have a breakdown of what exactly sold. It tells me I have sold something but that’s all the information that I’m seeing. Also, I would love to see the reviews for my store. I need that information to be able to decide what I need to do for future products. Thank you, Paula Washburn
    My email address is Please don’t send to any other of my emails.l

    • Hi Paula thank you for your feedback and your ideas. Have you already tried out our Spreadstats App? You´ll find a lot of helpfull information about your sales. Of course you could also use the stats in your account. In December we released some really cool features like Bestsellers.

  4. Thanks to your company I finally have a hobby that I love, which is drawing and creating new t-shirt designs 🙂 You all have great holidays! Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. It is a great site but if you put a list to see the number of viewers design until we know how effective the views and keywords

  6. I would like Spreadshirt to let us know the reason for returns. This way we could fix the issue if possible. Also, when something has sold, could you show us the item instead of just the design for every sell? Thank You

  7. Things to go back to how they were a few years ago when things were decent. Sales have been abysmal this year thanks mostly to the designer tool being flooded with free designs undercutting everyone. spreadshirt was a great company a few years ago now you just run pointless design contests no one cares about and do everything you can to cut “partners” earnings. I had faith spreadshirt wouldn’t go the cafepress/zazzle route but here we are. it’s pointless to kvetch about i suppose, no one there really cares about the designers at any of these companies. you can get 24,000 more in a year what does one person matter. Happy holidays.

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