Print Your Designs on more Print Areas

Print Your Designs on more Print Areas

Now you have more print areas available to customize your products with. This means you’ll have more opportunity to put your designs in place – on the front, back, left and right.

What’s new?

Many of our partners have asked us to give you more print areas to get creative on – and we listened. You can now place your designs on several print areas on products suitable for this kind of customization. Back, front, sleeves – the tee is your oyster. It’s obviously great to be able to put your designs left, right and center, but caution is in order. More print areas will incur more printing costs and additional design prices, so you’ll be well advised to keep tabs on the total sales price.

How do several print areas work?

Check out this little clip to get an impression of how to best utilize those print areas:

This is how you put your designs on several print areas: As you sign in, go to “Designs” in your dashboard and create a new product. In the next step, you can choose to upload more designs or add a product with several print areas. Please note that you won’t be able to do both steps in one. To customize several print areas, you can only use the designs you have already uploaded.

Now you can choose the designs you want to place on different print areas. Select four designs, and available products will be limited to those where four print areas are possible. Select two designs, and you’ll get products where two or more print areas are possible. Products with one print area like mobile phone cases won’t be listed at all. Printing on sleeves will only work with vector graphics.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve selected your designs for the new product, you can choose where to sell it. Do you want to sell it on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace (Showroom) or in your Spreadshop? Or both? You’re free to choose your sales channels.

Then you can edit your product by clicking on it. You can choose the size and position of the design and determine the product colors. You’ll also get the chance to move your designs back and forth between the print areas to switch the arrangement.

Why is pricing so important?

Before you get to do the pricing, you can add name, description and keywords for your products with multiple print areas. A summary with an overview of the printing costs and individual design prices will also be supplied. Seeing that printing costs alone may incur costs of up to $18 for four printing areas (depending on your choice of print method), it’s a wise call to have an eye on the total price. And please remember that you can’t put several designs on one print area.

Please note: The template function is currently unavailable for products with several designs or print areas. But we are working on delivering it soon.

What works for best you? Do you have an optimum number of print areas and designs that offer customers a good value? Please share with us in the comments!

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  1. Hi! It takes me a long time to adjust all print areas when choosing all products. If I have two similar designs with different colors, I want to copy the print area scheme. Is that possible? I don’t wanna do it 100 times all over again.

  2. I cannot seem to do anything on the sleeves UNLESS there is a back image too. It tells me it can’t do it. I even filled out all four images and then deleted the back – but it just shuffles all images back one slot.

    • Hi! I solved it with empty png:s in the areas where you don’t want any prints. We’ll se how it will be when it’s sharp.


  3. I haven’t been able to print more than 2 designs. I try and upload 3-4 designs, so I have sleeve designs and it won’t allow it. Reasoning?

  4. You gave me a shop in your platform, I really enjoy using it it is very easy to use,should you please be so kind as to tell me , how to delete some designs i already uploaded,because by mistake ,sometimes i upload the same design more than once? Thank you

  5. Good Stuff lena, Thank you for sharing this article. I need some clarify about laser design print. Yes one of the customer asked to me this one. If there, how can we design the model under the laser based printing.

    Could you please clarify lena

    • No they aren’t. Design areas have a different size depending on the products. If you have questions concerning a specific product then please let me know.


  6. If you have the one disgn that you want to load on the front and the back of the shirt how is this done…

    We want the logo on the Left hand side ‘pocket’ position
    and the logo as a large print on the back of the shirt.

    • one way I can think of (if it doesn’t just allow it anyway) would be to upload the design twice, using different names, and then using both in your layout

  7. Will customers also be afforded the opportunity to pick and choose and upload designs as part of the design feature so they may engage in multiple placements on the clothing/merchandise articles they wish to purchase? And if they do are the designers paid for each design as originally priced?

    • Hi Millicent,

      I don’t understand your first question but yes, designer are ALWAYS paid each design as originally priced.


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