Polish up your showroom

Polish up your showroom

We want to see your Showroom shine! Designers with a beautiful showroom regularly have the chance to be featured on our channels. Here are some easy tips to get your Showroom ready for showtime.

Your showroom is like a catwalk for your designs. Time to strut your stuff! Dazzle your customers and leave a lasting impression. With a unique and clean Showroom, your chances of being featured by Spreadshirt are much higher. Get your share of the limelight on Spreadshirt’s social networks, in the blog or in our newsletters. Come on, we all know you love the attention.

Your Showroom, your style

Your Showroom should reflect you and your designs. Take your time and think about which colors, pictures and texts best express the essence of your work.

In addition to a cool header, you can add social media links or a short description to your Showroom. You have a total of five options for personalization. Thanks to our no-brainer editing tools, sprucing things up is a snap.

How to edit your showroom

When you are logged into Spreadshirt, you can edit your Showroom in real time. You will see the results immediately. (It’s like magic, but it’s actually programming. Which is kind of magical, too.)

You can find it at the following URL: (XXXX stands for your username). You can play with all the settings using the “Edit” button.

You can also access your Showroom by clicking on the Marketplace icon (the green Spreadshirt heart) in your profile overview. To see your changes, click on “View Showroom” in the upper right corner.

Make it Personal

  1. Your own header: Upload a 2400px x 600px header image to give your showroom a personal touch.
  2. Profile picture: Show your fans the face behind your designs or add a logo. Your profile picture will be circular and should measure 130px x 130px.
  3. Short description: Introduce yourself! Tell your story and share some background about your designs.
  4. Social media icons: Add links to your social media channels and website to make it easier for fans to follow you. Your links are displayed as icons.
  5. Topics: Create themes to organize your designs and make it easier for your customers to find what interests them.

Get organized with Showroom themes

The more designs you offer, the more useful it is to sort them into different categories. Themes make the showroom clearer for your customers and encourage them to browse. Themes can be arranged in any order. They can also be deleted or deactivated without affecting your designs. You can create 20 themes with up to 200 designs per theme, so go wild! Your designs within each theme section will be sorted according to the date your designs were modified – from newest to oldest.

A few examples of typical theme groupings:

  • Content (e.g. animals, music, professions)
  • Styles (e.g. typography, funny, black and white)
  • Events and holidays (e.g. Christmas, Halloween, birthday)

Your theme names should not exceed 30 characters— that way they’re also readable on mobile devices.

 How to optimize your Showroom for Google

The name of your Showroom themes can help your Showroom appear on search engines like Google. Add-ons for the browser (such as Keyword Everywhere or the Keyword Planner from Google Adwords) can help you choose theme names. Simply enter the desired topic name in the search bar and check the monthly search volume of that term. The search volume should not be too high but should exceed ten monthly searches. By the way: The more designs you add to a topic, the higher it will be ranked on Google.

Have any questions about your Showroom makeover? Ask us in the comments below!

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