Your Jungle Book of Inspiration for the “Jungle Animals” Design Contest

Your Jungle Book of Inspiration for the “Jungle Animals” Design Contest

You’ll need a machete for our Jungle Animals Design Contest! Get ready for a trek through the dense jungle of your own imagination. Grab your binoculars and focus in on these rare specimens of design inspiration.

Jungles are the world’s most biodiverse habitats, home to some of the most specialized and bizarre animals known to man—and plenty of creatures yet to be discovered!

From jaguars to spider moneys, from chimpanzees to parrots, jungle animals are bright, beautiful and awe-inspiring. You could even focus your design on wildlife conservation or help raise awareness of an endangered species.

Choose your critter and get ready to wow the judges. Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Wild Design Styles

So, you’ve chosen the jungle animal you want to feature in your menagerie of designs. But before you sit down to sketch, let’s have a look at the styles that lend themselves best to tropical, exotic designs.


You wouldn’t want a jaguar for a pet— nor would a jaguar enjoy being treated like a housecat. But with hyper-realistic, larger-than-life designs, you can bring the creatures of the jungle right into your home.

Attention to detail, photographic accuracy, and true-to-life color schemes are the backbones of this illustration style.

Modern Lines

Minimal is in. Keep your designs on-trend with refined, modern line art: the complete opposite of realistic illustration. Abstract and loose, line drawing will add a stylish touch to your designs that fashion-conscious customers are sure to love.


Try deconstructing the organic shapes of the jungle with shapes like triangles, polygons or diamonds. This style has been trending for the last few years, and is another way to add a modern, urban flair to even the wildest design subjects.

Comic Book

Simplified shapes, charming characters, funny moments— no visual style is better suited to storytelling than comic book illustration. Showcase jungle animals interacting in their natural habitat and tell an interesting story while you’re at it.

Bonus: Mix it Up

Can’t decide which design style to go for? Why not have the best of both worlds? What happens when you create a half-realistic, half-geometric design of a boa constrictor or a tapir?Check out this link to explore the mixture of different styles. We’ve also pinned some mixed-style designs on your Pinterest inspiration board to help you out.

Get Some Ideas

What about color?

Did you know that humans evolved to see more nuances in shades of green than in any other color? Lush and verdant jungles are the natural backdrop for all jungle creatures. Play with different shades of green to plunge the jury into your animal’s natural habitat.

Here’s a twist: what about depicting your pet cat as a wild jungle beast? Achieve this with color play: give your housecat some tiger stripes and add tropical flowers, tangle-rooted trees and trailing vines. Yellow, red or fuchsia make a floral jungle palette.

Which products best suit my design?

In addition to clothing for adults, children and babies, try placing your designs on accessories or products in the Home & Living category such as:

  • Posters
  • Coasters
  • Tote bags
  •  Mugs

Good luck on your jungle trek! We can’t wait to see the designs you dream up.

Get Some Ideas

Do you have any other design inspiration to share with the community? What’s your jungle animal of choice? Let us know in the comments!

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