2020’s Coolest Critter Design Contest Inspiration

2020’s Coolest Critter Design Contest Inspiration

What’s this year’s trendiest animal? You decide!

In our next design contest, we’re on the hunt for 2020’s favorite animal. Spreadshirt is a menagerie of cute critters already, but who is the next rising star?

We have plenty of “no-drama-llamas,” funky flamingos, pugs, cats, lazy sloths, clever foxes and charming penguins on our platform. Now we’re looking for new critters who are quirky, fresh and adorable.

Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you create the coolest critter designs and take your shot at the $500 prize!

Which critter is coolest?

Think of endearing animals who have interesting habits, endangered habitats, or funny faces. Ever heard of an axolotl, quokka or kakapo? What about critters who normally get a bad rap, like spiders, snakes or rats? Or less-celebrated cuties like otters or koalas?

Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

The possibilities are as endless as the animal kingdom. Surprise us!

Paw-fect design styles

So you think you’ve found 2020’s new trending creature? Now it’s important to decide how you’ll illustrate them. Here are some design styles that lend themselves to furry friends:

  • Kawaii: This über-cute, kitschy Japanese design style is all about the pastels, big endearing eyes, and drawings that make you go “awwww”
  • Comic: Move over Garfield and Snoopy! Your cool critter could be the next comic sensation
  • Illustrations: Have a look at animal illustrations on Pinterest or in your favorite children’s books. From realistic to magical, watercolor to graphite, there are so many ways to represent animals through illustration.
  • Line drawings: Line art is a minimalist graphic trend. Why not draw your chosen creature in this abstract and ultra-modern style?

The important stuff

As usual, you have to play by the rules to have a chance at winning the grand prize. Here’s how:

  • You may submit up to five (5) designs per contest.
  • You must upload your designs within two weeks (14 days) of the contest start date.
  • All designs must be tagged with the contest keyword in order to be considered by the jury. The keyword tag can be found on the design contest page.
  • The Design Contest is a chance for you to show off your fresh and new content. Designs uploaded before the contest start date will not be considered by our jury.

Ready to nominate your favorite creature to be 2020’s coolest critter?

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