2020’s Coolest Critter Design Contest: The Winners

2020’s Coolest Critter Design Contest: The Winners

Last month, we asked our designers to go on a virtual safari, search the depths of the ocean, and trek through the rainforest to find 2020’s coolest critter. Keep reading to see the winning designs!

All month is was raining cats, dogs, and the occasional platypus! We’d like to congratulate our top three contestants, Douglasstencil, HickHopShop, and John Henry.

1st Place

Fast and Furrious by Douglasstencil, is 2020’s coolest critter by far. Congrats on your $500 prize!

2nd Place

Caterpillar & Cat by HickHopShop was the cat’s meow, and is the proud winner of $250!

3rd Place

Cool Critter by John Henry is the winner of $100.

Thank you for your wonderful critter submissions.

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  1. we can’t win if it stay lik this 🙁
    Can you pls come back to the old system were you choose 10 designed 🙁

    Or make it 5 winners

    • Hey Maikle,

      thanks for your feedback – I will collect the idea of more winners and see what we can do in the future. Unfortunately the old system with Facebook Votings didn´t worked well because often people bought likes and so the results were not real. That´s why we decided to make the voting internally. Currently our Design Contests are pausing due to the Covid-19 challenges, but we hope to be able to continue soon.

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