July 2020: Assortment Updates

July 2020: Assortment Updates

Like Marie Kondo, we’re cleaning house. Check out our refreshed product assortment and say adios to our current product deactivations.

Out with the old and in with the new! The following size activations are ready for your customers in the Marketplace. The complete product deactivations include all sizes and colors of each product. These are no longer available on our North American platform including the domains .com,, and .ca. While the color deactivations will only be removed from the Marketplace once the remaining stock has sold.

Additional size activations

Complete product deactivations

  • Men’s Slim Fit Premium Tank (ID 1337)
  • Women’s Flowy Muscle Tank (ID 1046)
  • Women’s Jersey T-Shirt (ID 288)
  • Baby Lap Shoulder T-Shirt (ID 375)
  • Men’s Retro T-Shirt (ID 1362)
  • Unisex Camo T-Shirt (ID 922)
  • Men’s Heavyweight Premium Hoodie (ID 989)
  • Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt (ID 1330)

Color deactivations

There’s nothing you have to worry about or do regarding the deactivations, we just want to keep you in-the-know. Enjoy your summer and happy designing!

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