Introducing: SPOD Europe

Introducing: SPOD Europe

Did you know that Spreadshirt Marketplace is a part of something much bigger? Discover SPOD, the most recent Spread Group brand to launch in Europe.

What’s SPOD?

SPOD stands for Spreadshirt Print-on-Demand. Like Spreadshirt, SPOD is a brand by Spread Group.

On the Spreadshirt Marketplace, you create designs and we handle everything else from customer service to shipping and production. SPOD is a print-on-demand service that can be found as a plugin on Shopify. Unlike Marketplace Designers, SPOD Merchants manage their own shops on Shopify and we only fulfill orders.

Another crucial difference is that as a Marketplace Designer, your designs are only sold on the Spreadshirt Marketplace where you earn a commission. Whereas, a SPOD Merchant has the ability to sell their products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or other digital marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay and Idealo. SPOD Merchants have a lot of freedom, starting with choosing how much to sell their products for. Once a customer has placed an order, the Merchant pays SPOD to fulfill and ship it.

Benefits of SPOD

If you’re a self-starter, there are many benefits of SPOD…

  • SPOD is a reliable and proven fulfillment service, so as a Merchant it’s like running your own business
  • Merchants can sell in shops, social media and on many digital marketplaces
  • Merchants have full control over the retail price of a product and decide the cost of shipping (you can even make it free)
  • Merchants have the freedom to manage all marketing, customer service, etc…
  • Possibility of high earnings

SPOD Europe vs. SPOD United States

Until now, SPOD has only been available in the United States (including Canada and Australia). However, SPOD has recently expanded to Europe (yay)!

Because SPOD is a global app that connects to Shopify, you need two Shopify accounts if you want to sell in the United States and Europe or just one account if you choose to sell in only one region. For example, if most of your customers are based in Europe, you would download the European app. This allows faster delivery times and a specialized product range for European customers. The same goes for the United States.

You can, of course, sell in both Europe and the United States (including Canada and Australia) at the same time.

Is SPOD for me?

If you’re ready to begin managing your own online e-commerce business, then give SPOD a try.

  1. Register with Shopify (there’s a 14-day free trial)
  2. Easily set-up a Shopify store
  3. Install the free SPOD app, and create products to synch with your store

As always, leave your questions in the comments below.

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