Top Search Terms January-March 2020

Top Search Terms January-March 2020

Get your Showroom ready for the upcoming season—starting with the top Spreadshirt and Google search terms! Here’s your guide to North America and Australia.

The most popular search terms from January-March 2020 can give you a feeling for what might be trending this year. Certain terms might not be as relevant due to the cancellation of large celebrations, like Mardi Gras. But you can still get inspired and make sure customers see your designs by using relevant tags!

Top 10 Google searches (United States)

  1. googoo gaagaa
  2. jelly roll
  3. sweet but psycho
  4. aquarius
  5. fg tv
  6. craigslist
  7. goo goo baby
  8. lazerbeam
  9. cowboy bebop opening
  10. mardi gras shirts

Top 10 Spreadshirt searches (United States)

  1. Funny
  2. St Patricks Day
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Dogs
  5. I Let The Dog Out
  6. I am not single
  7. Vintage
  8. Customized
  9. mardi gras
  10. 100 days of school

Top 10 Google searches (Canada)

  1. cwc
  2. coronavirus
  3. baby yoda
  4. jeffy
  5. eddsworld
  6. my hero academia
  7. peterbilt
  8. cane corso
  9. anime
  10. pink shirt day 2020

Top 10 Spreadshirt searches (Canada)

  1. Funny
  2. Canada
  3. Vintage
  4. Geek
  5. St Patricks Day
  6. Funny Gym
  7. Cool
  8. Yoda
  9. Customized
  10. Couples

Top 10 Google searches (Australia)

  1. gta 5
  2. bts
  3. cwc
  4. baby yoda
  5. sml
  6. gta
  7. marshmallow
  8. ninja kids
  9. you are my sunshine
  10. elmo

Top 10 Spreadshirt searches (Australia)

  1. Australia
  2. Funny
  3. Australia day
  4. Geek
  5. St Patricks Day
  6. Cool
  7. gay pride
  8. Funny Gym
  10. Brooklyn-nine-nine

Take it a step further and stay in-the-know for the upcoming season, check out our other blog posts on design trends 2021, our holiday calendar and best-selling products. As always, direct your questions to the forum or the comments below!

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