New Mug Printing Technique

New Mug Printing Technique

Calling all mug lovers: From now on, our black mugs will be printed using thermo-sublimation. What does that mean for your designs? We’ll walk you through it…

We’ve introduced thermo-sublimation as a printing technique for our black mugs. This means your designs will be more colorful than ever! The new and improved mug will be a stylish center piece of any kitchen cabinet.

What’s so special about thermo-sublimation?

There’s a white layer that’s applied between the mug and your design. Because of this, designs are particularly vibrant, and color is even more accurate! Once it’s been printed, a design will have the same feel as the surface of the cup itself. And don’t worry, the white layer won’t be seen on the final product.

Do I need to adapt my designs?

There is one thing you should pay attention to. The line thickness of your designs should be at least 0.5 mm in order for them to be printed properly. So, if you offer very delicate designs with very fine lines – thinner than 0.5 mm – you should either adapt these designs or avoid making these designs available for the black mug. You can learn more about adapting your designs for print here.

Any questions about thermo-sublimation? Let us know in the comments.

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