10 Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing

10 Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing

Show the world your designs on leading image-based platforms. Learn how to successfully market your designs on Pinterest today.

Pinterest is a completely image-based social network populated by creatives showcasing their ideas and others collecting inspiration. Over 300 million users worldwide make the platform a playground for your ideas – but also one of the most important sales platforms on the web.

Unlike Facebook, for example, where a post has the most reach for just 90 minutes, good pins can generate new traffic for months. In addition, links and even product placements are allowed, which makes Pinterest an essential sales platform.

Convinced yet? Then let’s get you set up. We’ll explain how to set up your Pinterest business account and give you ten tips for successful pins (and Marketplace designs).

How does Pinterest work?

Pinterest is a sort of virtual bulletin board made up of “pins,” which are images on all sorts of topics—from fashion to DIY or van conversions. You can put links in your pins and in this way generate traffic to your marketplace designs quite directly.

The search function and recommendations for Pinterest users work very similarly to a search engine: the pins are categorized based on keywords. Users create their own boards with the help of the search. They use boards to collect inspiration for “fall outfits” or fresh design ideas for their home, for example. Users also follow other Pinterest users (soon to be you, for example) and their boards for more inspiration.

How do I get started on Pinterest?

First, you need to create an account on Pinterest. For selling and promoting on Pinterest, it’s best to create a business account. This will not only give you access to various analytics features, but also the ability to plan campaigns. You can:

  1. Register a completely new account as a business account
  2. Register a company account from your existing private account, or
  3. Convert your private account into a business account.

So, register for a business account at or go to the settings in your private account, click on “Account Settings” and select “Convert to Business Account” under “Manage Account”.

How do I use Pinterest successfully?

Here are our top 10 tips for Pinterest marketing:

  1. Fill out your profile completely. Include some info in your “short bio” such as who you are, what you do and what users can find on your profile.
  2. Use nice images as a profile picture and cover image
  3. Use only high-resolution, high-quality photos and images for your pins. Blurry, dark, or low-contrast images don’t perform well on Pinterest. It’s best to edit your images before uploading them and remove distracting backgrounds, for example.
  4. Give your pins clear titles and descriptions
  5. Add a link directly to the product, your Showroom, your social media profile or your website to each of your pins.
  6. 6. Maintain your content and update it regularly
  7. Connect your website, blog or store if you have one
  8. Don’t pin everything, only what is really good. Always ask yourself: Would I find the pin interesting?
  9. The average Pinterest user visits the platform for inspiration. Design your pins so that they don’t look like ads.
  10. Target your pins and boards to a specific audience. The more defined it is, the better.

With these tips, you can create some really Pinteresting content featuring your Marketplace designs. Go ahead and try it out!

If you have specific questions about Pinterest, you can always visit the Pinterest help pages.

Do you have any other questions about Pinterest and Spreadshirt? Fire away – right here in the comments or in the Marketplace forum.

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  2. I appreciate how the article emphasizes the importance of visual storytelling on Pinterest. By highlighting the significance of high-quality images, compelling descriptions, and consistent branding, it guides marketers in creating visually appealing content that captures the attention of users and drives engagement.

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