Your Design Holidays & Special Occasions: April – June 2022

Your Design Holidays & Special Occasions: April – June 2022

Here comes the sun! And with it, many cheerful celebrations and spring holidays. Check out our holiday calendar and create designs to match.

Ok, we all know about Easter, Earth Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—but what about the International Day of Yoga? Not your thing? Maybe Star Wars Day instead? See what’s coming up from April to June.

Special Occasions & Holidays

Which holiday is your biggest inspiration for new designs? Are you designing something fun for Siblings Day on April 10th or does World Marijuana Day give you a creative high? Will you create designs to support racial justice for Juneteenth? Or showing your pride for Pride Month in June?

Be aware: think globally, act locally. On April 22, the world will once again celebrate Earth Day and kick off Earth Week with numerous local actions. Spreadshirt also has a lot up its sleeve for this period – and is promoting organic clothing and reusable alternatives, such as drinking bottles or cloth bags, in addition to your “Earth Day” designs. So post your products on organic products and create green designs for Earth Day.

Gift-ready: Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide (at different times). This is the perfect gift-giving occasion – along with Father’s Day, which comes a bit later.

There’s plenty to celebrate! So sit down at your (digital) drawing board and think of something nice for the upcoming T-shirt season! To help you keep track of all the celebrations, we’ve created an easy-to-read calendar.

Feeling inspired? Maybe Midsummer, Pride Month or Star Wars Day will inspire you to create your new best-selling designs.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our article on the Top Search Terms April to June 2021 or discover current color and product trends.

Any questions or comments? Let it all out: here or in the forum.

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