Design Inspiration Special: Earth Day

Design Inspiration Special: Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22, 2022. Get inspired to create new designs that celebrate our planet and encourage climate-friendly action!

Earth Day is celebrated every year in over 175 countries and aims to raise awareness of our planet and the protection of nature and all species. The day also encourages people to rethink their consumer behavior.

Earth Day 2022: Invest In Your Planet

This year’s motto is “Invest In Your Planet”. So it’s about making sure today that our home is still worth living in in the future. You can read more about the motto and the climate action planned for this year on the Earth Day page.

But for now, here are some concrete design ideas for you and your Showroom.

Portraits of a planet

Is the Earth laughing, sad, sweating, smiling? Personifying the Earth makes for relatable designs. Giving the planet a face makes it easy to identify with.

  • Create a simple blue-green illustration or work photorealistically
  • Get inspired by the comic or kawaii style – a round earth with a mouth and eyes

Go Planet its your Earth Day designed by nassimstore

Type designs

Whether you use the motto “Invest In Your Planet” or well-known slogans like “Every day is Earth day” and “Save our planet” – typography designs draw attention to your topic.

  • A simple message is enough – the world is complicated enough as it is
  • When playing with the letters, make sure that everything is legible
  • Use natural elements like leaves, water drops, flowers or trees in your design

Happy Earth Day designed by Famii design

Illustrations of environmental problems

Our oceans are full of plastic, many species are becoming extinct and the deforestation of the Amazon continues to contribute to climate catastrophe. Make a statement with your illustrations.

  • Create an illustration on a specific topic
  • Show problems and solutions (for example: “Ride a bike instead of a car”)
  • Use contrasts and juxtapose opposites (for example, “factories vs. forests” or “landfills vs. green meadows”)

Climate Penguin designed by Activist Apparels

Love your mother

Mother is a symbol of growth, caring, and love. We, as “children” of Mother Earth, are responsible for taking care of her, just like she takes care of us. Celebrate Mother Earth with your design and point out to others that we should be thankful for her and treat her with respect.

Mother Earth Day designed by Trisha-tee

Helping hands & doves of peace

Open hands and doves of peace with an olive branch in their beaks are also symbols that fit this year’s Earth Day.

  • The hands are a symbol of caring for Mother Earth
  • The peace dove symbolizes the wish for a peaceful planet

Protective Hands designed by Nor wegen Liebe

Natural colors

The color palette for Earth Day is very broad – as colorful as our planet is. In your designs, concentrate primarily on “natural” colors, i.e. earth tones, green, and light and dark blue. Add in elements like the sun or colorful flowers, too.

Be creative

Even though Mother Earth or the “blue planet” is the theme of Earth Day, your design doesn’t necessarily have to feature a planet. For example, a polar bear (sad but true) immediately brings to mind the melting polar ice caps and global warming.

Plastic Shark Blue and Plastic Turtle designed by Activist Apparels

So stay creative and dare to bring new ideas to life in order to represent one of the most important issues of our time. Our Pinterest board will give you even more inspiration!

Wondering what you can do or how you can inspire your fans to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives? Then read our 9 tips for a sustainable lifestyle here.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments or discuss with other Marketplace designers in the forum.

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