Christmas Inspiration for your Designs

Christmas Inspiration for your Designs

Last Christmas on instant repeat? Your dancing Santa moves causing a slight hip discomfort?  But still in need of that little push to make your Christmas designs sparkle? Then warm up your cinnamon cocoa and let us inspire you.

Gifting classic Christmas Tees

Santa and reindeer, gifts under the Christmas tree, cookies and gingerbread – it all equals a classic festive mood. These designs are obviously happening all through the season, but let’s be honest: they’re hardly reinventing the sleigh.

Don’t shy away from thinking outside the Christmas box when it comes to fresh design ideas for the holiday season. Like hanging up a few candy canes in the seasonal greenery and combining the whole thing with a funny saying.

A true Christmas hero

Simply put, December’s Employee of the Month should have you in the spotlight. Surrounded by snowflakes and your favorite quote, the hardest worker of them all is guaranteed to create a festive mood.

Santa is my homie designed by Flip Flop and Santa Claus designed by fnoul

Secret Santa is a legend

What would Santa Claus be without his faithful helpers? This kind of design is just perfect for a family celebration.

Shopping With My Gnomies Christmas Gnomes Lover designed by Jonathan Crow

Do animals love Christmas?

Hell yeah! Not only reindeer and moose are looking forward to the holiday season. Designs with animals are ever so popular come Chrimbo. Give bunnies, foxes, and other adorable animals a chance to join in the festivities.

Christmas Fox designed by yakoazon and Christmas Snow Bear designed by EclairVanilla

Seasonal bliss

Happy faces all around spread a good mood. This is ever so true during the Christmas season. How about cracking up a smile with a festive design and a fun saying you share with friends and family? Even if it’s your dad’s favorite Xmas joke, it may serve you well.

Naughty cat pushing christmas tree and Ain’t no law when you drinking with the claus designed by Lovely shirts for lovely people

All you need is love

What gets bigger when you share it? Yes – love, Love, LOVE. Just think designs for couples, friends, and the whole family. How about “Mrs. & Mrs. Claus”, “First Christmas for Dad and Baby”, “Red Cabbage Gang” or “Wrapping Paper Battle 2022”?

Daddy Claus and Mama Claus designed by SUPPAPI 

Secret Santa at the tellership

Company Christmas parties can bring about mixed feelings. But with the right slogan design, the ice is guaranteed to melt faster. It’s feels just better to celebrate together. When dressed the part, even the office can become a fun place. At least for one day.

Christmas Office Parties designed by greatideas

All I want for Christmas is …

Christmas gift lists on the fridge, the search for Santa’s hidden stash, sparkling children’s eyes. Capture the magic of the pre-Christmas season with your designs for the little ones. Funny elf designs, winter animals and Christmas candy – they’ll take it home for Christmas.

Cute Red Nosed Reindeer with Scarf Christmas and Cute Polar Bear Winter designed by RustyDoodle

Head for the North Pole, then turn right

At least in our quarters, the Christmas season is associated with snow and ice. And Scandi-style Christmas designs are all the rage – every year. Animals like moose, fox and reindeer placed in a wintry mountain landscape will create that mood. Maybe add a fir forest and Santa Claus for effect, and you’re in the money.

Sami in Northern Norway at night with polar lights and Winter I Snow I Fox in a Norwegian Sweater designed by Nor wegen Liebe 

Hey, wait!

Looking for more inspiration? Then check out our post on Christmas designs and color trends for 2022.

And of course, if you’ll want to share your festive ideas to reach your followers as long as peeps are looking for gifts. So please don’t forget to share the ordering deadlines on your social media channels. You can find all the important info here.

What’s your Christmas style 2022? Glitter overload, subtle festive notes or grinch-mode slogans? Let us know in the comments!

We wish you a creative Christmas season!

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