Design Trends for Christmas 2022

Design Trends for Christmas 2022

‘It’s the same every year’. We are not so sure. Christmas may have its classics, but there is always room for mixing things up and creating new traditions. When thinking designs, it’s no different. To keep you with the times, we’ve prepared a list of the most current trends and colours shaking up the festivities.

Hearty and Minimal – What’s more festive than nature?

Sustainable products are cropping up in all directions. For Christmas, think organic cotton ribbons, vegan candles or tree holders made out of recycled plastic. Natural materials and surfaces like wood and stone are not just more sustainable they look great too. With minimalism en vogue right now, it can be done with style and class.

Nordic blue, frosty mint and muted green may be the true minimalist dependables, but don’t underestimate light grey and black. And let’s face it, a touch of gold with a splash of mild rosé – whether on your design or in your glass – can complete the picture.

Mystical and original

Christmas is built upon myths, blurring the lines between dream and reality. Elements of nature and metal, fused together with crystalisation form the backbone of the trend for festive mysticism. Let your imagination with all the elves and spirits run free.

Playing with dreamy colour schemes can lead to a mystical look that is also elegant. Silver-grey and creamy white can be mixed with petrol and violet, while a light brown and moose green finish the look off. Think cold and warm and you’ll nail this mystical design trend.

Local and Lively – Christmas like at Grandma’s

When your graphics want to show off shapes, powerful tones can be the answer. Light porcelain, rich beige and black are go-to neutral colours, and an icy coolness can be added with May Green, lime or an emphatic azure blue. For those looking to warm things up, throw in a bit of ochre, urban red and signal red.

These hearty colours look great on hand-painted decorations and stationary, ideal when using folklore patterns. Designs with moving waves, dot motifs and high-contrast drawings are a great way of expressing this. But don’t forget the classic Christmas colours, of crimson and fir green combined with dark blue and black.

What combos will be sleighing this season?

Although we’ve named a few hot trends, there is still a lot to be said for mixing and matching. You’re still on the hunt for the killer colour combination? Then get inspired by this list.

Let nature do the talking 

A dollop of green on a predominantly white palette reflects the most comforting of winter scenes. Swirl in some woody brown, terracotta and gold to add some warmth to your designs.

The result is fresh, natural aesthetics which give a bit of contrast. Use some nature in your designs, with forest animals, winter florals and Nordic motifs.

Make it royal 

Deep, rich blue tones combined with gold are lush and set to be a big hit for this year’s festivities.

Cool combined 

Cobalt blue works a treat on silver Christmas ornaments, just like pink does with gold ones.

Lavender dreams 

Pastels have been in for Christmas in recent years, and lavender is the pick of the bunch. Its calming tone is the perfect tonic against the hectic nature of the holidays, bringing a refreshing lightness to more traditional colour palettes.

Keeping balanced 

Natural patterns with softer shades of cream and grey complement festive designs. For a light ambient feel of purity and balance, opt for filigree motifs and delicate flowing colour gradients.

Never out of style 

Christmas also has its timeless classics, made up of fresh and bold colours. Vibrant red and rich green provide a gorgeous backdrop for white and silver accents, creating young and cheerful designs. Stylised motifs in black and white round off these pieces for a traditional theme with a modern edge.


Any designs with owls around this time of year are always a hoot. Alongside the ultimate Christmas birds, robins, owls are a subtle and warming addition to cards and gifts.

And now for something completely different 

If you’re looking to experiment a little, typography is a solid place to start. Test out some vibrant colours with your own creative and festive fonts. How else are you going to stand out?

What’s your style? 

We know you’ve got style, but it’s time to spread the message. Use motifs which showcase your personality. Your into grunge, 90s, or psychedelic styles? Why not work these into Kawai designs or watercolour motifs.

Best in show

Get your showroom ready for Christmas. We’ve got a checklist to help you on your way. Don’t forget to share your designs on your socials. A little insight into your creative process is also the type of content people love to see. Got a video of it? Even better.

Still needing a bit of inspiration? We’ve got more content for you.

Wishing you a colourful advent and a great week!

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