Inspiration: How to Gift Designers

Inspiration: How to Gift Designers

Driving home for Christmas and needing a creative gift idea for your even-more creative loved ones? We’ve written a little something for you

December is live and kicking but that familiar dilemma is back, how can you wow your creative friends and family with gifts this year? Inspiration is what you need, and bags of it. We can offer you a blog post, a quick one at that. Are you ready?

Colouring in

We all need colour in our lives. Yet for artists, it is the foundation of everything. While there is nothing wrong with a white T-shirt, the world would be a sad old place without designers playing with colour to create atmosphere and emotion. Such a passion for colour should be taken seriously – so choose a gift according:

  • CMY Cube: A cube refracting light into the colours cyan, magenta and yellow. Whichever angle you choose to look through the cube brings out a different colour combination. A dream for artists and fidgets alike.
  • Pantone: Since the 60s, Pantone have been developing and refining colour systems Whatever colour, shade, or hue you think of, they’ll have a name and a specification for it. Gorgeous products, including mugs and keychains are available here, championing colours in all their wonder.

Can touch this: graphics tablets

A graphics tablet is the absolute dream gift for designers. Photos can be edited in seconds and drawings are created just like on paper. Graphics tablets are often expensive, but come in different price ranges and are worth every penny. A little pro tip: Simply team up with other gift givers and ensure great joy for the festive season. Here are three well-known manufacturers:

Rest in piece: jigsaws

Come on, really? Of course! Puzzles provide a great combination of relaxation and concentration, and a great way of switching off from the digital world. The market is awash with innovative puzzles that will get the creatives in your life thinking outside of the box. Some of our favourites are from:

Surprise Boxes from Papergang

No demographic geeks out on stationary quite like artists. Fun fact: the feel, texture, and options for being creative with paper seem pretty endless. Patterned sheets in different colours are a great foundation for creatives in need of inspiration. Why not give away a monthly surprise box with stationery products?

Get Stacked

 London-based Stack offer a truly unique kind of subscription. Every month they send a different independent magazine, carefully selected to share artistic visions from across the world. There is something exciting about opening the letter box to see which surprise Stack has chosen this time round.

Hold on tight: Notebooks

The creative look is simply incomplete without a notebook. Since ideas come randomly amidst the diversity or monotony of everyday life, notebooks are essential for jotting down quick thoughts or sketches. But a creative needs a creative-looking pad, and these websites are a great place to find one:



Field Notes

Books for designers

Art and design books are a hit with creatives, even in digital times. From colours and typography to guides on getting a foothold in the art world, there’s something for everyone. Austin Kleon‘s Books cover the enigmatic mix of career and creativity in detail, ideal for dipping in and out of.

To do a full book list justice, we would need a complete article dedicated to our favourite texts… and we’ve done just that. Check em’ out here.

Every day is a school day

With Artful you can bring art class into the comfort of your own home. With watercolours, acrylics or linoleum prints artists can never stop learning. The box contains easy instructions as well as materials, meaning that whether refining artistic skills or trying out new techniques, there’s something for everyone. Ideal for the inquisitive people in your life.

Where was I? Creative bookmarks

Books are already a charming gift for designers and artists. The only thing missing is a bookmark. And no, last week’s shopping list sadly does not count (even if it can be quite artistically compiled). Beautiful, unusual and funny ones can be found here:

Literal Bookmarks

Wooden Bookmarks

Calligraphy Bookmarks

Funny Bookmarks

Is that all? More inspiration

 Ok, so find this blog nice, but could do with a couple more tips? Then try out these sites, and grab something before the post deadlines arrive!



My Modern MET Store

This blog gave you some completely different ideas? Or, have you already found the perfect gift for your creative loves? Either way, don’t forget to take time for yourself this Christmas. A little puzzle can go a long way. Happy Gifting!

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