Most Important Occasions: January – March 2023

Most Important Occasions: January – March 2023

Holiday season may be over, but next year has even more occasions to match up with your designs. Our calendar tells you what big events are coming up between January and March 2023. Get inspired and get creating.

The New Year is on the horizon, and what’s in store? A range of exciting events that you should work your designs and promotions around. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Science-Fiction Day 🛸, 2nd January
  • National Sticker Day, 13th January (US)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 16th January (US)
  • Chinese New Year, 22nd January
  • Black History Month, 1st February – 1st March
  • Valentine’s Day 💖, 14th February
  • International Women’s Day, 8th March
  • Patrick’s Day ☘️, 17th March

The next few months are literally packed with reasons for celebrating or remembering. You can find them all in our calendar. Click your way through and have a think about what is perfect for you designs.


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