A celebration of colour – spring and summer design trends 2023

A celebration of colour – spring and summer design trends 2023

As the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to start dreaming of the warmth and brightness. There are some gorgeous colour and design trends coming up, so get inspired.

Viva Magenta – the colour of the year

Viva Magenta (Pantone 18-1750) was the worthy winner of Pantone Institute’s colour of the year. This lush tone freshens up designs with a sense of vibrancy.

Want to discover more about the diverse possibilities of using Viva Magenta? Have a quick flick through our blog post!

Mixing it up – spring colour combinations

Magenta wasn’t the only colour bringing home the bacon. Despite their calming hues, colours with gnarly names such as Oyster Mushroom, Grayed Jade, Tender Peach, Mocha Mousse and Bluing were also big hits. Combine these with the following colours for an ambient spring vibe:

Exemplary prints – blossoming design trends

It came, it thaw, it conquered. Winter is slowly on the way out and these prints and patterns are getting us right in the mood for the return of nature at its most colourful.

Maritime playtime

What magical, mysterious beasts our oceans are. Seaside looks are making waves for designers in 2023. Mussels, crabs and corals, a seahorse here, a whale there. Get the picture? Now get designing – or scuba-diving, the choice is yours.

Never doubt the classics – geometry

Lines and angles are in. Infuse traditional patterns with geometric shapes for modern designs. This results a very hip marriage of shapes and colours.

Folklore – international & traditional

A design trend for anthropologists and globetrotters alike. Traditional, ethnic designs from all corners of our planet, dressed in crisp colours, give your work a sense of adventure. Just remember to be sensitive and respectful.

Mother nature – earthy tones

Natural patterns work a treat with earthy shades on wax prints or ink colours. Any pattern that appears in nature stands the test of time when it comes to creating heartwarming designs.

Style and design trends – 2023

Now that colour and pattern are covered, it’s time to talk style. Staying on trend with diverse styles and topics keeps your looks fresh and your designs popular.

Immersive – 3D-Elemente

3D objects effortlessly blend photo realism with eclectic colours. Think soft shadows, shading and multiple perspectives to add depth to your sketches. Merging with movements like the Memphis style of the 80s adds zest to your 3D creations.

Far out dude – Psychodelic retro designs

How iconic is The Beatles‘ Yellow Submarine album cover? 60s and 70s designs are a huge throwback and brimming with exciting colour combos. Add a bit of typography into the equation to complete this homage to all things retro.

Who needs real life? Surreal worlds

Let your fans bask in scenes of absurdism and surrealism. Surprise with challenging colour palettes and fable-like figures, transporting them into another world. Alice in Wonderland is a strong starting block, then let your imagination run free.

The right kind of mould – clay look

Wallace and Gromit is still a favourite after all these years. Plasticine figures and shapes thrive in their imperfect and bumpy nature. Not happy with it? Then roll it up into a ball and start all over again. Clay look and its shapeshifting nature means limitless possibilities.

Bizarre in a good way – trippy designs

Guide your fans into a fantasy world without hallucinogenics. Trippy designs can be bizarre and even a little disturbing. They have a rebellious energy and are open to interpretation, so feel free to adopt 3D or flat illustration techniques.

Design trends crying out for your artistic eye 

We may have detailed what is likely to be a hit for spring and summer 2023, but designs need your creative drive to make them something special. Follow your instinct and put your own stamp on it. What style are you most hyped to employ? Let us know in the comments.

Have fun reading, but mostly importantly designing!

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