Viva Magenta – Using the Colour of the Year

Viva Magenta – Using the Colour of the Year

Both warming and cooling, uplifting and melancholic. There are many reasons why Viva Magenta took the top prize as Pantone’s Colour of the year. Learn how to utilize it with style in your designs.

Drift between worlds – nature and technology

The folks at Pantone Colour Institute enjoy dishing out the awards, and designers across the world love seeing what they have selected as their Colour of the Year. For 2023 Viva Magenta grabbed top spot, and we can see why.

This enigmatic, subtle red is bold but not overbearing, and brims with energy. Its most unique asset lies in the balance between nature and technology, spurring Pantone on to introduce the realm of ‘the Magentaverse’.

Fusing Viva Magenta into your designs fills them with courage and optimism. Not every colour is so capable of simultaneously emitting warm and cool feelings. Used tastefully it can elevate your work to the next level.

Viva Magenta – Viva inspiración 

Magenta is not a prismatic colour. It is created by mixing two of the mainstays of the prismatic spectrum; red and blue. Combinations with magenta are therefore ‘next level’ colour play.

Best in show 

Pantone recommends combining Viva Magenta with bright and toned-down shades of pink, orange, grey, purple, khaki, and blue. Against these hues, magenta really takes centre stage.

Complementing for the compliments

A warm, emphatic green is a trusty partner here. It complements magenta, offering your designs both a dynamic edge and an uplifting atmosphere.

Split complementary colours

If you’re looking to dial down the contrast a jiffy, yellowy-greens and light blues are worthy candidates. Split complementary combos retain this dynamism but have a little more subtlety.

Colour triad – equal rights for all 

This trio also thrives under the limelight. Similarly strong tones, like dark yellow or a powerful blue, deliver a stark contrast to magenta. Use this to inject life into your designs.

The one and only – monochrome palette

Time for magenta to be the main character. Just make it darker or brighter by adding in black, grey or white.

Fine little differences 

For a harmonious, calming effect, a palette of similar colours is also a great bet. Opt for neighbouring colours on the spectrum, like lilac or balmier reds.

Brighter, louder, bolder – design inspiration 

Viva Magenta is a fantastic option if you’re looking to spice up your designs. Eyecatchers await if your choose your combinations wisely.

Spell it out – magenta in lettering 

Choose your favourite font, or grab the pen yourself. It’s time to draw the WOW factor out of Viva Magenta. Alongside bright pink it’s a dreamy match. Vibrant, colourful typography is really in right now.

Outside the box designed by SPIRITSHIRTSHOP

A celebration of colour – brighten it up 

Let your creativity take flight. Experimenting with different styles is fun with tones like Viva Magenta. Psychedelic or 90s styles may be the ideal place to start.

Taking in a Moment – Emotionally Fluid Collection and Sleepy Moon Over Forest Rainbow Portal designed by JensenArtOfficial

Pattern & print 

Use any of the colour combinations above as the basis for your pattern experiments. It’s a fun and simple way of starting the creative process. Check out patterns that are on trend right now.

Mandala – Viva Magenta designed by wagnerps

A drop more inspiration

Still hungry for more ideas? Then check out our Mood Board on Pinterest. Don’t forget to share your design processes in your social media channels using hashtags like #vivamagenta and #coloroftheyear2023.

Long live magenta, long live your designs!

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