Top 10 Typography Trends for 2023 – Use the Right Font

Top 10 Typography Trends for 2023 – Use the Right Font

Have something important to say, but not quite sure which font is perfect to share your message? This article shows you the top 10 typefaces that will serve you well in most situations.

If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people. When it comes to communicating in writing, the way you go about it has as much to do with content as it has with style and form. So we thought it’s high time to reflect on the current state of the art when it comes to typography. Find the right form for your message, and give typographic expression to emotions.

1. Hand-drawn fonts

A hand-drawn font instantly adds authenticity, humanity, and warmth to your content. Whether you create it with your tablet or scan your handwriting, this font will make your designs stand out from the crowd. There are many possibilities in the implementation: from elegant to rough, minimalist to liquid lettering.

Give free range to your imagination and add a personal touch to your creations with your own personal signature.

2. Expressive fonts

This trend aims to change the characters and the shape of the letters in such a way that they visually convey the feelings and ideas behind your message.

Dare to distort letters and overlay individual elements. This will add energy and expression to your designs. With paid tools like Glyph, you can even design your own font and break the rules as you see fit.

3. Vintage fonts modern nostalgia

The year 2023 is not making light of global trouble spots. It has many of us longing for more simplicity in any shape or form. This notion is reflected, above all, in vintage typography. It offers an emotional way to recall past moments of happiness or childhood memories that elicit happiness in the reader.

Designs, symbols, typographic styles – combine the past with the present to create something unique and new. From the 1950s to the year 2000, play with the eras and mix genres as you see fit.

4. Gothic Fonts – Mall Goth

The term “Mall Goth” dates back to the late 1990s, when Nu Metal was experiencing its golden age and life in shopping malls was on the rise in the United States of America. This underground culture came out of the proverbial shadows and found itself under the fluorescent limelight of malls, thanks to its unique look. Today, it is a fashion statement in its own right.

With fonts that give a nod to the macabre, the trend has found its way back into the world of design. Modeled after shopping malls, its edges are sharp – and in keeping with Goth, there’s smoke and lots of black. Chains, skulls and barbed wire shouldn’t be missing either, of course. Add the resurgence of punk with its protest attitude towards economic and political austerity, and you’ll get why this trend is enjoying lots of popularity right now.

5. Liquid Lettering – metal & chrome

Are you also looking for the optimism of days gone by? Then grab the font of the year 2000, and bring its creative spirit to live today. With its metallic reflections and melting 3D shapes, this retro-futuristic style evokes the future in a science fiction-like setting.

The style boasts almost alien-looking elongated metals, like a window to a displaced world. It’s an expression of a desire to escape, and at the same time emphasize that escape will not solve the problems. Try mixing realism with abstraction, like precise 3D rendering with vague fluidity.

6. Wavy fonts aka Wavy

Surf the fun wave! The wave font, or Wavy for shorts, is characterized by wavy and curved lines that create a flowing and dynamic effect. When using this effect for your message, you give your design a playful and pleasant touch and a retro 1960s look.

Wavy designs keep enjoying a huge popularity on our Marketplace, we look forward to seeing yours!

7. Psychedelic fonts

Yep, the psychedelic style is still finding its audience today. And believe it or not, it’s one of the top 10 typographic trends of 2023. But let’s not remit its unique aesthetics that make this psychedelic font so unique, albeit less versatile. It’s those aesthetics that makes it one of the most interesting typefaces there is.

Of course, the reflection on the beauty of the 1970s makes it indispensable when diving into the groovy years of the hippie era. Whether classic or reinterpreted, all eyes will turn to your designs when applying this typography.

Many designers discover a great artistic freedom in this font. That’s why you can find all kinds of psychedelic fonts again today, even very spaced-out ones. Whether it’s a soft message or something darker, there’s no limit to your imagination with this trend.

8. Science fiction fonts

This typographic trend uses characters to create futuristic impressions that come from another world. It also includes unusual layouts, experimental and transformed letters: digital characters and animated typography. It’s a technical-looking style without serifs, although italics can be an option. This trend will add a touch of innovation to your designs.

Here’s a book recommendation on these fonts: Typeset in the Future, written by blogger and designer Dave Addey. He invites fans of science fiction films to take a journey through seven classics of the genre to learn how typography and designs can be used to create fascinating visions of the future.

9. Red is the new black

Fonts are very often just black or white. In 2023, however, a bright red is gaining acceptance in the world of typography, especially when it comes to humorous retro and minimalist designs.

The color red is mostly associated with important and warning messages. That’s why red should be used sparingly. But the minimalist aesthetics allow creative minds to capitalize on it, with fine lines that can support powerful colors without overwhelming the audience. Most importantly, this trend combines the energy of the color red with light-footed characters that emphasize their character. Take comics, for example: characters here would most likely have been drawn in serious black, but the bright red color softens that blackness and spreads more positivity, excitement and joy.

10. The great comeback of serifs

Serif fonts have long been familiar in the world of graphic design and are often used to add a touch of confidence, professionalism, and sophistication to designs. This 2023 trend challenges this international status quo and starts pushing the boundaries.

Now is the time to add something playful, creative and unpredictable to serif types. Play with letter shapes, intertwine lines and unite letters, distort or liquefy strokes, extend the strokes of some letters to wrap them around other letters or make them interact with the rest of your message. As you’ve probably noticed, the possibilities are endless.

Serif fonts add a special atmosphere. Add some fun and be more approachable with a serif font like the rounded Cooper font, or convey more seriousness and sophistication with the Argesta font.

What is your favorite font in 2023? Tell us in the comments! And if you haven’t seen it yet, here are the 14 best tools to create a meaningful color palette and get inspired.

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