Color and Pattern trends for Spring/Summer 2024

Color and Pattern trends for Spring/Summer 2024

Live life in colour, we’ll show you how! Let’s explore the colour, print, and pattern trends for the upcoming season.

Colour and Pattern trends for Spring/Summer 2024

Congratulations! You’ve almost survived the cold of winter. Just before spring gets here and warms us up, preparing us for some summer lovin’, we’ve put together a list of colour and pattern trends for you to consider for your upcoming design ideas. Get ready for a taste of what are sure to be the hottest colours this season, as well as some unique patterns and prints to keep in mind as you let your creativity bloom.

 The colour of the year

Pantone 13-1023, perhaps better known to most as “Peach Fuzz”, has been crowned by Pantone as the official colour of the year for 2024. They describe it as a “velvety, peach tone whose all-encompassing character enriches the body, soul, and spirit”. Now doesn’t that just sound like a big hug? This light and delicate shade was chosen as colour of the year as a representation of authentic human connection, and the feeling it evokes. With a name that reminds you of the warmth and gentleness of human touch, this soft hue emphasizes the need for genuine connections beyond the world behind screens and technology. At the same time, this light shade between pink and orange fosters a feeling of deep cosiness and the hope for a peaceful future.

An exciting mix of vibrant, joyful colours

  • Shades of vibrant and pastel blue: Horizon Blue (PANTONE® 16-4427 TCX), Strong Blue (PANTONE® 18-4051 TCX), Chambray Blue (PANTONE® 15-4030 TCX), Vibrant Capri (PANTONE® 15-4722 TCX) and Aquatic blue – Marlin (PANTONE® 18-3932 TCX)
  • Shades of nature-inspired green: Bistro Green (PANTONE®19-5408 TCX), Fresh Green -Tarragon (PANTONE® 15-0326 TCX) and Mint (PANTONE® 16-5938 TCX)
  • Shades of refreshing and bright yellow: Spicy Mustard (PANTONE®14-0952 TCX), Charlock (PANTONE® 12-0530 TCX) and Lemon Yellow (PANTONE® 12-0736 TCX)
  • Shades of dark and cherry red: Fiery Red- Fiesta (PANTONE® 17-1564 TCX) and Rooibos Tea (PANTONE® 18-1355 TCX
  • Shades of fruity and apricot orange: Sun Orange (PANTONE® 16-1257 TCX) and Orangeade (PANTONE® 17-1461 TCX) and Apricot Pink- Desert Flower (PANTONE® 15-1435 TCX)
  • Shades of lilac: Pastel Lavender Lilac (PANTONE® 14-3812 TCX) and Smoky Lavender – Burnished Lilac (PANTONE® 15-1905 TCX)

The classics

  • White shades: Brilliant White (PANTONE® 11-4001 TCX)
  • Fifty shades of grey: Rainy Grey – Northern Droplet (PANTONE® 14-4104 TCX) and Shadowy grey – Quiet Shade, Boulevard (PANTONE® 18-3906 TCX)
  • Earthy beige tones: Moth (PANTONE® 13-0611 TCX), Brush (PANTONE® 16-1317 TCX) and Mushroom (PANTONE® 14-1305 TCX)

The big 6 for the upcoming season

  • Blue, sky and royal: The colour of the skies, and the colour of the ocean. These tones evoke a feeling of foreverness, of serenity and calmness.
  • Fifty shades of green: The colour of nature. All shades of green such as pastel green, mint green, and lime green bring about a sense of freshness, peace, and abundance.
  • Radiant cherry red: This intense shade of red is the epitome of passion and determination. It’s hard to look away and provides a bold and fiery touch.
  • Apricot or peach? (Peach Fuzz – Colour of the Year): Warmth and Energy. Comforting and warm yet vibrant and energic. Shades of apricot orange and peach provide a feeling of a warm summer and human connection.
  • Pastel Lavender Lilac: A light, pastel shadow of purple, representing sophistication and mystery. It brings about a feeling of elegance and tenderness.
  • Pale yellow: This tender shade of yellow, with its warmth and brightness and classic representation of happiness, also conveys newness and springtime freshness in its lighter tone.

Print and pattern trends for Spring/Summer 2024

  • Playful geometry: Inspired by the typical 80s design style, this trend incorporates geometric patterns and playful shapes (think freehand geometrics, kaleidoscopic mosaics, irregular block prints)
  • Vibrant bloom: It’s not the spring/summer season without some flowers, right? This trend includes oversized florals, floral doodles, and overall bright and bold flowers. Combine this trend with the big 6 colours for a trendy floral design.
  • Monotone cut-outs: Monochrome is in this season, and is characterised by using different shades of a single colour hue. This trend offers a clean and simple yet visually cohesive and harmonious look. Using monotone in your design you can shift the focus onto texture, pattern, and silhouette.
  • Summer tiles: Giving off all the summer vibes. This tile pattern trend, filled with intricate ornamental and Moroccan style tiling, add a unique touch and stunning details.
  • Palms of summer: Palm trees – a classic representation of summer. Classical tropical patterns such as tropical foliage, tropical plants, and leaves, provide an unquestionable summer vibe.
  • Earthbound: Let’s dive headfirst into nature. Textures which take its inspiration from natural elements, such as marble and stone, or rocky edges and contours, bring a design back down to earth.

Now you’re all set with the colour and pattern trends you need to know for the spring/summer season this year. Be sure to refer to them when creating wonderfully fresh designs for the season! Want to learn about graphic design trends for 2024 as well? Check out our blog post all about it here

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