Shine bright like a 🌈 : Our Top 10 winners

Shine bright like a 🌈 : Our Top 10 winners

Our Spreadshirt employees have voted – but you really didn’t make it easy for us! All of your great designs put a huge smile on our faces and now the time has come. Now the votes have been cast and we are proud to present our top 10:

1. Now My Heart Is Colorful designed by Milhad

2. Equality Hurts No One Pride LGBTQIA+ designed by 303111236

3. We Are Not Alone In The Universe designed by Glitter Rainbowss


Proud To Be Free designed by DreamsArtwork


Turn On Your Love Light designed by Grotta Crot

6. Love is Love designed by tferkissa

7. Calling all cloud cuddlers and rainbow chasers! designed by Design By… Error

8. Pride Month – Love Is Love designed by Macphisto Shirts

9. Bicycle and rainbow designed by Tour de Artistry

10. Rainbow Heart: Freedom in Love designed by BestCrafter

Is your design one of the 10 winners? Then keep a close eye on your inbox (and spam folder) – we’ll send you an email within the next few days with all the information about your prize and how you can have it in your talented hands soon.

A huge thank you to ALL participants! Your creations added such positivity to the competition month and inspired us to be even more creative in the future. We can’t wait to marvel at your designs in the next contest.

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  1. 1. Generic colorful heart
    2. LGBTQIA+ symbolism
    3. LGBTQIA+ symbolism
    4. Generic colorful thing with Christian symbolism
    5. Generic colorful words about “love”
    6. LGBTQIA+ representation
    7. A generic rainbow and clouds. The pride rainbow is red, ORANGE, yellow, green, ONE blue*, purple.
    8. It at least says “Pride month” in tiny letters
    9. A generic rainbow and a bike. The pride rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, ONE blue*, purple.
    10. A generic rainbow heart missing ORANGE.

    * The original pride rainbow had two blues, but also had PINK with the red. If you don’t do both light blue and pink it’s NOT a pride rainbow. Period.

    This is not representative of or celebrating of PRIDE. This is diluting PRIDE.

    4 of the 10 here have even a modicum of appropriate symbolism.

    Do. better.

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