Design inspiration: summer, sun, dolce vita

Design inspiration: summer, sun, dolce vita

🎵 La Dolce Vita! The sound of this summer: Five fresh summer design trends 2024 await you here.

Summer is finally here again! And the season brings with it a beach bag full of inspiration that is already awaiting your designs. From Mediterranean Sea-inspired vibes, tropical feels, sporty-elegant aesthetics to old-school-country trends (read: cowboy style).

But whether you’re enjoying a cocktail on the beach, relaxing under the palm trees, working up a sweat on the tennis court or hanging with Jolene on the ranch: we’re ready for the most lively time of the year! Discover this summer’s latest trends with us and let your creativity run wild.

Ocean dreams: Mediterranean moments

What is it about?

In recent years, the Mediterranean aesthetic has taken the world of design and fashion by storm. Its timeless style, the fusion of coastal beauty and rugged charm, has captivated enthusiasts and professionals alike. From the catwalk to interior design, this fascinating style is making waves like never before. The Mediterranean fashion trend promises well-being, humble elegance, comfort and sustainability. It is about the connection between man and nature through fabrics, haptics and colours.

Motifs and design elements

  • Sea and beach motifs: Be inspired by soft, sandy beaches, gentle sea breezes and the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves.
  • Bohemian minimalism: Discover warm earthy tones, abstract shapes, geometric patterns, floral motifs, and calm elements for your designs.

The colour palette: relaxed blue tones and warm sandy colours

At the heart of the Mediterranean aesthetic is a rich and earthy colour palette that mimics the natural beauty of the Mediterranean region. Close your eyes for a moment and think of warm terracotta, serene blues, sunny yellows and soothing whites. Do these colours also remind you of sun-drenched landscapes, sandy beaches and clear, blue waters? Then you’re already on the right track.

You can find more inspiration here.

‘O sole mio: La Dolce Vita

What is it about?

Bring on the good life! The summer trend ‘Dolce Vita’ celebrates the lightness of being – and can be transferred to your designs in a wonderfully multifaceted way.

The Dolce Vita style, known for its refined and elegant aesthetic, reflects the glamour and fashion of the 1960s in Italy. Literally translated, it means ‘the sweet life’ and the dictionary describes it as ‘sweet life; the good life perceived as one of physical pleasure and self-indulgence’ – and that sums it up perfectly. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest, smiling, doing a little flirting, eating delicious food, going to wild parties and embracing unforgettable moments. Honestly, that’s exactly what we want right now.

The Dolce Vita trend is everything but restrained. It comes in bright colours, eye-catching patterns and designs.

Motifs and design elements

  • Tomato-Girl Summer: This quirky and fast-spreading social media trend is inspired by the bright colours of ripe tomatoes and the playful spirit of summer. It celebrates spontaneity, creativity and the love of life’s simple pleasures. Its’ aesthetic yearns for a holiday mood and encourages everyone to integrate a break in southern Europe, namely Italy, into their everyday lives. Not only does the fruit (tomato) in the name refer to the essential design, but so does the colour red itself.
  • Romantic designs inspired by Italian food: Think fresh, fruity citrus fruits and colourful retro style, which immediately spread good vibes and a holiday feeling: Lemons, oranges, olives, seafood, fish, tomatoes, tins of sardines, lobsters, cocktails and soft drinks … A little tip: The lobster in particular is one of the trendiest design motifs this summer!

The colour palette: bright yellow, red and orange

Cheerful and vibrant colours, bright tomato reds, juicy oranges and yellows. Just think of the colours and shades of your next holiday in Italy to inspire you.

You can find more inspiration here.

Club Tropicana: Tropical Dreams 🌴

What is it about?

This trend involves paradisiacal views and captivates with lush landscapes, vibrant colours and extravagant charm. Tropical Dreams embodies adventure and escape from everyday life and invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of palm trees swaying in the wind, bright floral prints and fruity cocktails. Best suited for freshly awakened wanderlust and a longing for the enchanting beauty of tropical places.

Motifs and design elements

  • Nature-inspired motifs: tropical plants, leaves and flowers are essential for this trend. Basically anything that comes to mind when you think of a beach in paradise or your future holiday on a desert island: tropical flora and fauna, leaves and flowers (hibiscus), beach scenes, waves, palm trees, colourful birds and animals, dolphins, starfish, corals, cocktails …
  • Organic shapes: The designs often feature natural, wavy shapes and flowing lines that convey a sense of growth and movement.
  • Tropical designs in vintage style: For the perfect mix of longing and nostalgia, these designs are particularly popular at the moment.
  • Bold prints: Large and bright prints are typical of tropical designs, often with abstract motifs inspired by nature.

The colour palette: Vibrant, dynamic and full of energy

Tropical designs are often characterised by bright, vibrant colours such as green, blue, pink and yellow. Comparable to a sunrise and sunset against a paradisiacal backdrop.

You can find more inspiration here.

Let’s go: Sporty Summer

What is it about?

Just in time for the European Football Championships and the Olympic Games, sporty it-pieces are also making their way into the fashion world. Items of clothing that were originally designed for sports are being repurposed and reinterpreted to match everyday looks. This summer, oversized vintage jerseys from football clubs or polo shirts, as we know them from golf or tennis, are particularly popular. In terms of design, any sport can be used as a print. In these cases you mostly see ‘club’ designs such as running club, tennis club, etc. But more relaxed sports such as golf, bowling, pool, or tennis are also on trend.

Motifs and design elements

  • Motifs that have to do with sport and sporting aesthetics or a traditional sports club: Sports scenes, usually tennis or golf, lettering and lettering designs with team names – you get the idea!
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t forget the legal guidelines that apply to the EURO Cup and the 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games for your sporty designs.

The colour palette: bold colours and more

Green, blue, orange and red are particularly popular for sporty designs, but of course it’s entirely up to you. Get creative and simply combine your designs with this season’s colour trends.

You can find more inspiration here.

Yee-haw: Cowboy Core 🤠

What is it about?

The fashion world is making a big trip to the American West this season. Cowboy hats, boots and denim characterise the new ‘cowboy core’ fashion trend, which can be seen almost everywhere recently. But what is behind the ubiquitous western trend and where did the hype come from so suddenly?

Cowboy core or cowboy chic refers to the practical and rugged clothing worn by cattle herders or cowboys in the 19th century. Texas was THE centre of the cattle industry at the time, and given the vast expanses of land, difficult terrain and extreme climate in this region, cowboy fashion was above all practical, with a certain stylish flair. This spirit was transferred to the big screen: western films really enhanced the aesthetic with large buckled belts, jeans and pointed spurs.

Cowboy core is just about to establish itself as an important fashion trend in 2024 by translating the fascination of the American West into a contemporary look. Country has been an enduring inspiration in pop culture, films and TV series for many years and is not just a trend, but also an expression of freedom and individuality.

The trend is also interesting from a feminist perspective: cowgirls are associated with qualities such as courage, independence, determination and strength. In addition, the new Barbie film has revived the trend for the western aesthetic, see Margot Robbie’s and Ryan Gosling’s great performance in the retro kitsch cowgirl and cowboy rodeo look. Most recently, Beyoncé captured the cowboy aesthetic with her eighth studio album ‘Cowboy Carter’, which was released at the end of March 2024.

Motifs and design elements

  • Elements inspired by the cowboy aesthetic: cowboy boots, cowboy hats, lassos or motifs that depict the life and style of the West, e.g. horse riding, rodeo, Wild West scenes/landscapes and nature (canyons, desert flora, cacti, rocks)
  • Vintage-look designs with cowboy-related text elements: Cowboy girl, Hot Cowboys, Stay Wild/Keep it Wild, Texas, Western, Wild West …

The colour palette: Inspiration from the past

Dig deep into the vintage and retro colour palette, but also take inspiration from the colours of rural life and nature.

You can find more inspiration here.

Are you filled up with inspiration for new, trendy designs? We can’t wait to see them: Simply tag your new summer designs in your partner area with summertrends2024 so that we can find and promote them more easily. If you still have room for more inspiration and ideas, you can find the current typo trends 2024 here.

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