These Terms are Tops: Spreadshirt and Google’s Top Search Terms


If you could look into the future and place a bet on an upcoming lottery number, you would, wouldn’t you?  Who wouldn’t?!  Well, if you knew what kinds of designs Spreadshirt buyers would be searching for, you’d hit the drawing board and create a bunch of those designs, wouldn’t you?  Well, it just so happens that every three months we do an analysis of the most popular search terms from both the Spreadshirt Marketplace and Google just for you. After the jump, you’ll find the results from March – May, 2016. Get designing and reap the rewards!

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Pi Day Shirts: You’re So Irrational!

Every March 14th (3.14), the world of number crunchers and math maniacs pays homage to the most famous of all the irrational numbers. The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, aka the irrational number “Pi” or “π” as represented in Greek, has its own day of praise amongst digit devotes everywhere. Have a gander after the jump at some of Spreadshirt’s more irrational pi day shirts. Read more

Out of the Old and into the New: Bucking Valentine’s Trends of Yesteryear

Let’s face it; Valentine’s Day is largely clichéd with the whole dozen long stem roses, heart-shaped boxful of chocolates routine. Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we? So many of the Valentine’s has-beens can be expressed in new and original ways to inject a little life into the once-glorious holiday. Let’s take a look at how the following timeless expressions of love can be re-envisioned, re-expressed and reinvented. Read more