It’s Here! Integrate the T-Shirt Designer into Your Shop.


You can now offer your customers more choice and earn more in the process by integrating Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Designer directly into your Shop.  Your customers can adjust and personalize your designs or create their own products without ever having to leave your Shop!  The best part: every time a purchase is made—regardless of if it’s one of your products or something customers design themselves—you earn.

How Does This Work?

To integrate the T-Shirt Designer into your Shop, go to ‘Shop Settings’ in your user account and click on your Shop’s ‘Edit’ button. You’ll find the ‘T-Shirt Designer’ option in the column on the left.  Click it and you’ll see a few options available to you:

  • Activate T-Shirt Designer: Turning on this option integrates the T-Shirt Designer into your Shop and enables you to choose which options you’d like to offer your customers. Selecting this option alone allows customers to edit the color and placement of your designs to their liking. Enabling this option also adds a “Create” toolbar to your Shop’s header.
  • Include Spreadshirt Designs: Enabling this option allows your customers to choose a design from Spreadshirt, either in addition to or instead of the designs offered in your shop.
  • Allow Customers to Upload Images: Enabling this option adds the uploading feature to your Shop’s designer. Customers will be able to upload their own photos or designs to customize their products.
  • Allow Customers to Add Text: Enabling this option adds the text customization tool to your Shop’s designer. Customers will be able to add text to products in all sorts of colors and fonts.


Even if you have no designs for sale, you can still integrate the T-Shirt Designer into your shop, enabling customers to customize products the way they want, just as they would on our platform.

Your Pay

You will earn a commission with every sale generated in your Shop regardless of whether your customers buy your designs, Marketplace designs or import their own designs.

Affiliate Commission: If a customer buys a product they’ve created in your Shop, and it only includes Marketplace designs or designs they have uploaded themselves, you will earn your Affiliate Commission (don’t forget to check the “Apply Affiliate Commission” box in your user area under “Advanced” -> “Shop Overview”). If a customer orders a product with one of your designs, you will also earn your design price in addition to the Affiliate Commission.

Volume Commission: Any sale generated in your Shop counts towards your Volume Commission.  Volume Commissions are determined by the number of products sold during a respective two-week sales period.

We are very excited for not only the options this feature will offer your cstomers, but also for the spike in commission it is sure to generate for your Shop.  Play around with the different integration features, and you’ll be seeing your sales rise in no time!

How do you feel about the integration of the T-Shirt Designer? Are there any other functions you would like to see added? Please let us know in the comments!