These Terms are Tops: Spreadshirt and Google’s Top Search Terms


If you could look into the future and place a bet on an upcoming lottery number, you would, wouldn’t you?  Who wouldn’t?!  Well, if you knew what kinds of designs Spreadshirt buyers would be searching for, you’d hit the drawing board and create a bunch of those designs, wouldn’t you?  Well, it just so happens that every three months we do an analysis of the most popular search terms from both the Spreadshirt Marketplace and Google just for you. After the jump, you’ll find the results from March – May, 2016. Get designing and reap the rewards!

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Sales trends – Popular Products in Season


Trends come and go. Some fashion fads are as short lived as a summer romance, while others hang about like a persistent stain for years. And then there are the all time classics like T-shirts, hoodies and aprons that never go out of style. In our latest blog post we shed light on which items’ numbers spike at various points throughout the year to help you improve your seasonal sales.
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