My Designs: SpreadShop, Marketplace or Both?


So you’ve just opened your very own SpreadShop—or you’re about to.  You’ve got the designs, the niche and the talent, but you’re not quite sure how to increase awareness. It’s time for you to discover Spreadshirt’s Marketplace and find out how to double your sales chances!

More and more Shop owners are beginning to spread the love by utilizing the Spreadshirt Marketplace as a supplementary means of selling their designs. Doing so gets them even more coverage and exposes their work to the hundreds of thousands of daily Marketplace visitors.  But the question remains: where do I sell my designs and products— My SpreadShop, the Marketplace or both?  Let’s explore…

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How to turn your Shop into a memorable brand – Part II


What is my brand’s personality?

Quality, innovation, tradition. These are the buzz words you hear in advertising like a catchy tune. Many brands lose the day by creating abstract phrases that people can’t connect with. Placing an emphasis on human qualities is bound to get more out of your brand, and that’s why we have devoted the second installment of our brand-building tutorial to turning your ideas into your own vibrant brand personality.

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How to turn your Shop into a memorable brand


Part 1: Why do I need brand recognition?

“Uniqueness of a brand” is the art of being recognized due to a special character or exceptional features. Your “brand” distinguishes you from others and helps to stick in the memory of your customers. For your Shop, this means more success and customer retention. Rather important stuff, we think, so be sure to check out our first installment of a new three-part series for some in-depth insight into the art of branding.

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Christmas Sales Tips: Guiding Your Sleigh through the Season

Santa comes ‘round once a year carrying gifts for all the good little boys and girls all over the world.

Santa comes ‘round once a year carrying gifts for all the good little boys and girls all over the world. This year we want to make sure he’s gonna get stuck in the chimney with bag loads of gear from your Shop. It’s never too early to get your Shop ready to capitalize on the Christmas rush! Find out about Christmas products, designs and proper marketing activities in this week’s blog post. Read more

Fill a Need, Make a Buck

Fill a Need, Make a BuckSpreadshirt’s Marketplace is vast and ever-growing. With such a large library of designs, making sure we have a good selection of creative, high-quality choices for each and every category is a daunting task. It’s common sense to survey the most-searched categories and assure there is a wide selection of designs in those areas, but trends are ever-changing, and therefore, so are the areas of opportunity in our Marketplace. Here are a few areas of need where we could really use your help. The following terms have very high search numbers, but not enough volume by way of design selection. Create some high-quality stuff and you’ll be putting yourself in a good place for conversions. Read more

Tips and Tricks for a Successful T-Shirt Day

Tips and Tricks for a Successful T-Shirt DayWhat’s bigger than Valentine’s Day, more exciting than St. Patty’s, and more profitable than New Years? No; not Mother’s Day. Not Easter, either. It’s T-Shirt Day! We call it our “Christmas in the summer”. It’s the second most profitable event behind the winter holidays and should be very high on your priority list. In order to really take advantage and reap the benefits of such a highly-publicized event, check out the list below for some pointers:

Shout it from the Mountain Tops

Get the word on the street. Utilize your social media channels, mailing lists, and even word of mouth to call proper attention to this money-making event. Share Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Facts , create a survey or raffle, and increase the hype. The annual deal of 15% off every single t-shirt Spreadshirt sells is a primetime opportunity for your fans and customers to buy a few of their favorite tees at a great price.

Get Those Shops in Order!

This is no time to be slacking on Shop maintenance. We are constantly making product, color, and size updates, so having your shop up to date in time for the T-Shirt Day rush is imperative. You don’t want your customer coming to your Shop in droves to buy your latest designs on products or colors that are no longer available! That’s a lost opportunity—and worse—a lost sale. Go through the latest in product news in your Shop Partner Newsletter and in the User Area and get your Shop right. Adding some of the brighter and bolder colors of summer to your product offerings couldn’t hurt either!

Be Seasonally Aware

You don’t wear an ugly Christmas sweater to the beach, just like you wouldn’t be sporting flip flops and a tank top in a snowstorm. The same premise goes for the designs you’ll want to have in your Shop for T-Shirt Day buyers to choose from. Think palm trees, ice cream, Fourth of July. If you want to go in a different direction, find designs to help buyers express themselves. You can also search the Marketplace for areas you think could use some better, more creative designs and try to fill that niche. Give your customers what they’re looking for and you’ll see it in your sales.

Follow these tips for a good mix of marketing communication, product accuracy, and design selection and you’re sure to see a nice uptick in your sales this June. And hey, as a side note, this advice can be followed year-round. With some minor upkeep in your Shop revolving around products and design selection, you’ll always be prepared for maximizing your profits the whole year through.

Do you have some other tips or tricks that you have used to in previous years to maximize your T-Shirt Day (or other holiday) profits? What goes around comes around. Lend your fellow Shop Partners a word of advice and you’re sure to receive some in kind. Have a great and profitable T-Shirt Day, everyone!