Spreadshirt Star Academy Q&A

Why do I need to publish ten designs to move up to a higher star class?

Based on the first ten designs you publish, we’re able to evaluate the quality, relevance, and sales potential of your designs. We also check if your designs violate our Community Standards or Marketplace Guidelines. All of these factors ultimately result in your star class. With ten designs, we’re able to get a meaningful impression and representation of your skills and can fairly assign you a star class.

Does the star class affect my daily upload limit for designs?

No. Your star class won’t change your daily upload limit of 20 designs. Your star class only defines your publishing limit – how many designs you can publish to the Marketplace in total.

I’ve reached my publishing limit, do I have to delete designs now?

If you’ve reached your publishing limit, you don’t have to delete any of your designs. You only need to deactivate one of your published designs for sale on the Marketplace (Designs > Edit Design > Edit Sales Channels > Deactivate Design for Marketplace). Of course, you can always delete designs that don’t sell well.

Will my designs be deleted if I publish more than the number of designs allowed?

With the launch of Spreadshirt Star Academy, we won’t delete any of your designs. However, your new star class will have a firm publishing limit. If you exceed this limit, you’ll have to deactivate designs (Designs > Edit Design > Edit Sales Channels > Deactivate Design for Marketplace) until you fall below your publishing limit. Only then can you publish new designs.

For example, at the beginning of Spreadshirt Star Academy you’re classified as a pilot. In this star class, your publishing limit is 200 designs. Let’s say you’ve already activated 250 designs on the Marketplace. Then you’ll have to deactivate 51 designs in order to publish a new one on the Marketplace.

Can my star class affect my Spreadshop?

No. Spreadshirt Star Academy only applies to your activities on the Spreadshirt Marketplace. It also has no influence on the designs you offer in your Spreadshop.

Once I’ve achieved a star class, can I lose it and be moved to a lower star class?

At Spreadshirt Star Academy, you can’t lose your star class or be moved to a lower star class. However, if your designs are repeatedly rejected, your star class can be frozen and you will receive the status “Lost in Space.” This can happen regardless of your sales numbers. If we reject designs published by you after the launch of Spreadshirt Star Academy, your rejection rate will increase. Designs rejected before the start of Spreadshirt Star Academy will not be counted.

I’m “Lost in Space,” why did this happen and how do I get back to my star class?

If your design rejection rate is over 10%, your star class will be frozen, and you’ll fall into the “Lost in Space” category. There are several reasons why we reject designs. To calculate the rejection rate, we compare your rejected designs to all of the designs we’ve already reviewed. We’ll only take rejected designs into account after the launch of Spreadshirt Star Academy. So you understand the boundaries, up to five rejected designs in each star class will not be included in this calculation.

There are two ways to get out of your “Lost in Space” status and return to your previous star class:

  1. Try to make the most of your publishing limit of 50 designs and bring your rejection rate back below 10%.
  2. If this is no longer possible, you can write an email to and explain your reasons for violating our standards. Our team will then review the reasons for rejection and get back to you.

Is there a time period in which I have to reach the minimum number of sales?

No, we only count the total number of your Marketplace sales (regardless of sales period). All Marketplace sales that have the status “Earnings Credited” in your sales statistics are added to your credit balance. Sales from your Shops, external marketplaces or the Create-Your-Own area are not taken into account. This also applies to orders that haven’t yet been fully completed, have only recently been shipped, cancelled or returned.

How do I publish my designs internationally?

With Spreadshirt Star Academy you have the possibility to publish suitable designs on all languages and domains of your platform. This also applies to products that are relevant for international target groups. For example, designs with or without English text.

Simply click on “Automatic product name translation” when publishing your designs. Once the automatic translation is complete, you can check it and edit it manually if necessary.

International publishing is connected to your platform. This means that if you have your account on the European platform, you can publish your products on other European marketplaces. While on the North American platform, other countries like Canada and Australia are available to you.

What is the FanArt Program?

If we invite you to join the FanArt Program, you can officially use our licensed partners’ brands for your own designs. You can do this free of charge and completely legally, depending on your star class status. You’ll find out more exciting details as soon as the FanArt program is launched. Our licensed partners include the internet icon, Smiley, and more licensed partners will follow soon.