Metadata Tips to Boost Sales

What do Marketplace customers actually search for? And how exactly do they find your designs? Make sure your designs are seen with these tips.

For customers to find your designs, they have to appear in their search results. How do you make sure they do?

When you publish your designs, you can enter a name, description and keywords. Together they form the so-called metadata. High-quality metadata describes the design well and helps provide accurate search results for customers. Here are a few tips to make sure your metadata is helping you make sales.

Tip 1: It’s all in the name

Your design name matters!


  • Give your design a descriptive name. It should describe the design accurately and also help it stand out from your other designs and those of your competitors.
  • Keep it short and sweet: stick to 1-3 words and a maximum of 35 characters.


  • Don’t mention the product type (e.g. T-shirt).
  • Don’t use words like “design,” “customize” or “personalize”.
  • Don’t use special characters such as _ () . @ #.

Your design name appears not only in the search results, but also on the detail page and in the URL. So choose wisely!

Tip 2: Be descriptive

Use the description to go into detail about your design.


  • Write an easy-to-read, coherent text about each design. This will increase your chances of appearing in search results.
  • Make the description for your designs as customer-focused as possible.
  • Describe the look of the design and give it some context.
  • Get creative! You have 200 characters to play with— use at least 130-160 to make sure Google and other search engines use your description in their search results.


  • Don’t use general descriptions or lists like “Birthday, Gift, Funny, …”. The Internet is full of it and it won’t help your customers find the design they’re looking for.
  • Don’t write anything about the product itself (ie. the T-shirt or hoodie your design is placed on). Spreadshirt does that part for you. Stick to describing your design.

Tip 3: Tag it!

Keywords, or tags, also help customers find your designs. You can currently tag each design with up to 25 keywords.


  • Use only words that are relevant and match your design. Imagine a customer typing in the search box: which keywords would they use to find your design?
  • Try to find as many keywords as possible.


  • Don’t repeat keywords—this could classify your design as spam.
  • Don’t use inappropriate keywords: They worsen your ranking!

Publish your designs right!

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We hope you have fun designing, uploading, describing and placing your designs.